How You Can Earn For Just Being Alive Today

Earning Just For Being Alive

You can earn just for being alive by simply joining the We Are Alive Tribe On Hive then by simply sharing a photo or video with some text everyday you will get you rewarded.

The initiative

The I Am Alive Challenge Project.

Earning Alive Tokens

I Am Alive Challenge

  1. Tell the world that you are alive in a video or photo, and publish it on Hive and We Are Alive
  2. Use Tags #alive and #IAmAliveChallenge
  3. Share it on Twitter and other social media
  4. Celebrate your victory everyday

This is all that is required for you to start earning with the We Are Alive Tribe On Hive.

So now you know that it is actually possible to earn just for being Alive.

šŸ‘‡ Expand your earning potential šŸ‘‡

Alive And Thriving Project

  1. Use Tags #alive and #AliveAndThriving
  2. Share your life journey, and what you do to thrive while living it.
  3. Share your personal and financial goals, how you will reach them and why they are important to you
  4. Live your life to it's fullest, make each day count.

Here is the secret sauce how to get people to see your post.

Get a web traffic delivery to any web page you like, share your post while earning to find Larry The Postman in the Larry is Alive Daily Contest.

Larry is Alive Contest

Larry is Alive And Delivers Get Paid To Find Him Daily.

Larry The Postman has taken over from Luke, and the hunt is now Larry Delivers, and if you take part in the contest you have a chance to win 4 week delegations of 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE.


First i travelled to Listnerds and read over 10 emails and here is the proof.

I use this tool to help me get eyes on @heartbeatonhive project where i giveaway free Alive tokens and Listnerd tokens for your engagement.
Join My TeamšŸ‘‡


I go to Leads Leap and surf at least 25 ads.I like this website it is where i am hosting my page i am going to be working on building my list a lot over the next few weeks.


Traffic Ad Bar

Next i headed over to Traffic Ad Bar to surf over 25 pages in exchange for my own websites to be shown.

Every 25 pages there is an opportunity to earn more credits.

Free Advertsing For You

Next i travelled to Free Advertising For You to earn at least 25 activity tokens there are a lot of options to promote your web pages here.

Infinity Traffic Boost
Finally i headed to Infinity Traffic Boost for the last 10 ads to finish all the Larry is Alive contest entry for today.

That is it use #larryisalive and share your journey and proof to get rewared on Hive and to be in a chance to win 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE delegation for 4 weeks.

If you are looking for web traffic or exposure Larry delivers daily.

Simply share your Larry is Alive adventures with us in your own post.

Get paid to find him and build your business šŸ˜‰

Consistently apply the information on this page everyday here on Hive in the We Are Alive Tribe to earn every single day.

Made in Canva

- @benthomaswwd - Moderator

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