Happy Alive Staking Day 26/04/23

Today in the We Are Alive Tribe community we stake ALIVE Tokens for a boost on Thursdays and here are the details.

Every Thursday @flaxz creates a contest post for the weekly staking contest for your opportunity to Win ALIVE and ALIVEM tokens.

You must comment on these posts to be eligible to enter the staking contest for the week and it must be done before the next one.


This gives you a whole week to put your name in, the contest is split into 2 groups.

How Does It Work?

Here Are The Rules

  1. If you have not entered before or have less than 1k ALIVE staked then you will need to make a comment on the pre-mentioned post with your username and a screenshot of your current ALIVE Power before staking, if you have a calculated starting stake you can skip the screenshot but you still need to make a comment if you have less than 1k ALIVE staked.
  2. Stake ALIVE tokens in your account and make sure to do so before next Thursday.
  3. If you have below 100 ALIVE Power you can still take part, but the calculation will use 100 AP as the minimum current stake, your increase in AP will still be the whole amount that you staked though.
  4. If you have unstaked and then take part again, your current stake will be counted as the all time high which you have had in the contest including the stake of the prize payout, and only stake that goes above that will count.
  5. @flaxz will also monitor that no unstaked ALIVE is used to get a higher reward on another account, to not reward the same staking twice.
  6. The percentage increase is what determines how much of the ALIVE rewards for group 1 that each participant gets in relation to everyone else in that group, and the amount of ALIVE tokens staked is what determines how much of the ALIVEM for group 2 that each participant gets in relation to everyone else in that group.
  7. Once all prizes are calculated @flaxz will pay out the rewards to participants as stake, ALIVE from @flaxz.alive, and ALIVEM from @youarealive.
  8. You are automatically moved from group 1 to group 2 once you have over 1k ALIVE staked as the next week starting stake while taking part in the contest.

If you do not have any ALIVE to stake you can purchase some from the market.


Once you have your aquired ALIVE for staking go to your Hive Engine wallet through whatever interface you use for transaction and click the stake option.

Select the amount you wish to stake then confirm it.

That is it all done now it is just a case of waiting for the results from @flaxz when he puts out the post on Thursday then we get to do it all again.


This time i staked 500 and sent 700 to @heartbeatonhive for staking there and for prizes.

If you are looking for ways to increase your earnings on Hive i created this project to help you do that, it is also a good way to increase your network and get information about the We Are Alive Tribe Community. 👇

Larry is Alive

I completed one of the tasks in the Larry is Alive daily contest and visited CTPX this is a website that is built on the Hive blockchain where you can promote various pages.

Spend time with positive people
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