Focus Follow One Course Until Successful


Focusing is not very easy especially with all the distractions people have to contend with on a daily basis.

The honest truth is most of us are not very focused and we have to put in a lot of effort to apply it.

It is true that some people find it easy to focus but if you did a poll of the people around you, it would not be long before you started to realise that most people actually struggle in this area.

You may find that if you break your activities down into focused courses of action you will actually get much more done.

Following one course until successful not only helps you get tasks done more productively but also offers a regular dose of reward as you make more achievements along the way.

Always use the benefit if possible to follow people down a successful path if they have been before you.

This will make any learning curves much easier to overcome because you will have a clear path to follow.

If your taking a new path or one less travelled then creating plans to guide you along the way will help you keep on it in a more direct way even though you are uncovering new ground.

Get yourself a mentor, someone that has already reached the level you wish to reach because they can help you get there quicker.

You may have many mentors over the years in various situations, so try and seek out the best you can each time.

When on your journey, whatever that maybe becareful that you don't end up following other followers.

It reminds me of a story about a watch maker who observed a man who would stop by his shop window and would set his watch to the time the watch makers clock was set.

One day when the watch maker asked him what he was doing each, day the man explained it was his job to call the breaks and quitting time down at the factory.

For this reason every morning he sets his watch by the clock makers watch so when he blows the whistle at work it is at the right times.

The watch maker laughed, he said it is funny you say that because i set this clock each day by the whistle from the factory.

So make sure you do plenty of research into situations and don't just blindly follow people or assume things are a certain way.

Time is a factor in most peoples lives as it is the one thing we can never really get more of or hold in excess and we will eventually run out of even if we do manage to save some along the way.

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