A Passionate Tequlia Sunrise in the UK

Sometimes in all our rushing around we forget to just enjoy our time here on this earth hope you had an awesome weekend.

Passionate Tequila Sunrise Recipe

This is a twist on a simple classic because i like to be different and because we use what we have available. 🤪

Basic Recipe 1 serving

50ml Tequila
50ml Gin
Passona 3 tbsp
100ml Pure Orange Juice
Grenadine 2 tsp

Pour the tequila, gin and orange juice into an iced shaker and shake till the outside of the shaker is cold.

Place ice in glasses pour in shaked mix, splash in some Passona then a splash of Grenadine and a twist of lime and finish with a lime.

There you go a cocktail most people will love on a hot day as it is really refreshing, however this is a drink that feels like your not drinking.

Be responable, drink in moderation as this will mash you up if you are not smart about it, but if that is what you want there you go. 😎

A real life happy potion from my Grimoire. 📖
Yes i am a pagan of sorts i respect all traditions of spiritual practice as long as it is not forced on people in anyway.

Warning happy effect lasts for limited time, You Have Been Warned. 😄

Overuse of this potion will cause you to be cursed the next day, so user beware, with every action there are consequences.

Happy Fathers Day
Got this card for fathers day from one of my daughter's it is good to get some validation that you did a good job.😆

We all have obstacles in our lives that we have to contend with...

I have schizophrenia and complex PTSD this is a 30 day supply i am not happy about it but i really have no choice.


This is why i try and look for at least one good thing from each day because not everyday will be good but something good does happen everyday.

I am a little late for this post really the aim is to have this done on Saturday's but it is not always possible i will keep trying to make that a target.

Progress Of Goals

Complaining about the prices will not make them go up, instead you will find the action of investing and using will have a better result.

There is basically 5 tokens i am focusing on here on Hive at the moment, although i am accumulating others too.

I have aquired some tokens to push myself to over the 7000 tokens staked and now heading towards 8000 goal next not bad considering i have been giving Alive Tokens away @heartbeatonhive engagement prize spin draw daily. 🤣


I intend to keep aquiring tokens at a quicker rate through purchasing in the next week or so. A bit here and there mainly because i would like to hit 10000 really by the end of this week if i push things i can do it.

I am saving most of my earned CTP to stake to Listnerds for increased votes i need to do more to earn CTP to be honest but i also still want to increase my stake on Hive.

I have increased my CTP stake a little here on Hive and in Listnerds.

At Listnerds i have continued to increase my stake amount and have started to unstake a small portion each day as profit and it is going well.
I need to send more emails and want to try and read more.
My next goal is to get to 15000 i set it higher than normal as it is not a challenge otherwise as i keep blowing the next marker, i swear i wil get the hang of this eventually. 🤣



Listnerds Balances

CTP Balances

With Hive and HBD i have been increasing steadily from what i have earned from using the Platform but this will need much more work to increase.

I will be looking at miners and tip bots during the week to decide what to purchase.


Larry is Alive Contest

Larry is Alive And Delivers Get Paid To Find Him Daily.

Larry The Postman has taken over from Luke, and the hunt is now Larry Delivers, and if you take part in the contest you have a chance to win 4 week delegations of 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE.


First i travelled to Listnerds and read over 10 emails and here is the proof.
There has been a few issues with Listnerds this weekend and is still a little bit on going although things seem like they are being fixed.


I have been collecting some nice amount from Listnerds now everyday , i hit the 12k mark, it also helps me get eyes on @heartbeatonhive project

Then i needed to go to Leads Leap and surf 10 ads this is a pretty simple task i really like this website and it is where i am hosting my page.



Next i headed over to Traffic Ad Bar to surf over 25 pages.

Next i travelled to Free Advertising For You for at least 10 ad views.

Then i headed to Infinity Traffic Boost for the last 10 ads and a home run on the Larry is Alive front completing all 5 tasks.


That is it use #larryisalive and share your journey and proof to get rewared on Hive and to be in a chance to win 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE delegation for 4 weeks.

If you are looking for web traffic or exposure Larry delivers daily.

Simply share your adventures with us in either a full post or as a added feature in another post.

That's it from me off to pick up my grandaughter from school then will be back to curate content and catch up with engagement with you lot. 🤣

Don't just dream of success make it happen!

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