I Am Alive - Post# 165

September 21, 2022

Hi all,

Today was a nice, but also a tiring day.

I had to travel with my mother from Saramacca to Paramaribo; to the doctor (she has problems with her thyroid gland and has to go to the doctor every 6 months for a check-up). At the check-up, everything turned out to be fine. Luckily.❤️

Then she and I went to pick up my nephews of 7 and 9 and we went to the gameroom in the mall. It is currently vacation time in Suriname and they are balking at home; so they were allowed out for a bit today. Afterwards we had a nice lunch. But after all that, I did have to drive that whole distance back to Saramacca. So now I have a backache because I had to sit for so long in the car.


I think I will sleep a little bit now, because in the evening we will play monopoly together at home.

I'll just study again tomorrow I guess.😅

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