Humility: My IAAC Post #35


Good evening all. Hope our day went well? Thank God for life. The above is a photograph of soldier ants I came across. I took some time to observe them. I was really fascinated about the way they went about their business.

Whenever you see soldier ants on the move as in above, it is either they are hunting for food or that they are migrating to a new home. Each of the ant will be committed to the course of that movement, devoted and meticulous. I stood closely to watch them anyway. They swam on any insects, reptiles, palm oil, soup, you just name it. Anything they meet on their way, even a human, is in trouble. They also have those that guide others as they move along...the ones with bigger pincers, !LOLZ.


It was an organised movement, an organised operation. I now wondered, just look at insects and how they are able to coordinate and manage their affairs with no complaints and cheating. Everyone of them know exactly what is expected of it and it is done to the later!

Can the above be said of humans of today? Certainly not. A lot of pride, corruption, indolence and what have you is the order of the day especially in the 3rd world countries. But the holy book (Bible) warns that we should go to the ant and consider its ways and be wise. Accordingly, the ant has no guide, overseer or ruler yet it provides her meat in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest.


Humans of today have rulers who are corrupt, proud and selfish. No regard for others welfare. It is rather unfortunate. After watching these ants few days ago I went into deep reflections. God is indeed wonderful and all knowing. No matter what our leaders do he will always make a way for his people.


Humility is a virtue which must be cultivated and imbibed by all. Give thanks to God for the gift of life and learn from the ways of the ant. Be humble in everything, it pays.

Thanks for reading my blog. Join the alive family too and celebrate the gift of life daily.


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