Alive Projects Is Alive - ALIVE Power Delegations For Tribe Projects

We are now bringing online the Alive Projects to start delegating ALIVE Power to tribe and tribe member projects that work to increase demand for our ALIVE token.

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Alive Projects Is Alive - ALIVE Power Delegations For Tribe Projects

Update July 5, 2023: We have just updated and removed some delegations that had either expired or where no longer needed, remaining delegations are currently to @lukeisalive, @lolz.alive and @heartbeatonhive, and they will remain in place as long as needed or are useful to the tribe.

As we now use this account, @aliveprojects, to curate promoted posts in the tribe, we will no longer give out any new delegations, at least for the time being, if this changes we will make a new post with requirements for that.

As we have recently enabled the ability to delegate ALIVE Power it is now time to take the next step and starting to delegate ALIVE Power from the stake of @aliveprojects to tribe and tribe member projects that work to increase demand for our ALIVE token.

@aliveprojects currently sits on a stake of just over 50 000 ALIVE Power, and it keeps on growing as we buy ALIVE tokens on the market each week and stake them.

The set up that we will use here for the delegations is that they are limited to 3 months each, after which it is re-evaluated the performance of the project, and also if it still needs a delegation and if so how much it still needs, and then it will be adjusted accordingly.

It is kind of important to emphasize this point, it is not unlimited delegations, they are meant to boost a project into becoming self sustainable in a short amount of time, and once that has happened that stake will be used to delegate to a new project.

One more thing is the amounts that we delegate, we only delegate full 1k AP increments, and from 1 000 AP to a max of 10 000 AP to any single project, and if more is needed then a project can always ask additional stakeholders for a delegation as well, but that is up to them what they want to support.

Edit: We will also take into consideration the current stake of the project account, and at most give a delegation that puts the Voting Power just over 10k AP in total.

And just to make clear, we will not consider delegations to personal accounts, only to dedicated project accounts that have been created in advance of applying, and where the project is either already in operation or has published a plan for their operation once they get up and running.

How To Apply For A Delegation?

Now let's look at how to apply for a delegation, this is the points to follow.

  • If a new project then create an account for the project, and publish a plan for your project, maybe even a White Paper.
  • If an established project, then move to the next point.
  • Make a comment below on this post with the project account, and include the following points.
    1. Describe your project, what it does, and if a new project also include a link to your plan or White Paper.
    2. Tell us how your project will increase demand for the ALIVE token, this is very important so be specific.
    3. Specify how big a delegation that you need and why you need that amount, between 1k to 10k AP.
    4. Tell us for how long time you will need it, up to 3 months and then you can re-apply for more.
  • Once you have published your comment and included in it the answers to the 4 points above, we will take a look at your application and evaluate the project and what it needs in terms of a delegation.

Do also note that we are limited to the available stake on our account, even if that is quite a lot right now, after some time the available stake to delegate might be lower.

We are looking forward to your application.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay safe, awesome and alive!

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