Alive And Thriving - September 21 2022 - Awesome Posts Collection


Made in Desygner, photo by @flaxz

Alive And Thriving - September 21 2022 - Awesome Posts Collection

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@jacoalberts's walking adventures are something to look forward to each time. I learn about new places and enjoy the many photos and stories too. Truly worth following.

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In an attempt tp carry out an exercise on Fourier Analysis, @angie08 discovered an error in the method used by her teacher after 17 times, but was grateful to make the discovery.

Father's love is forever unique. @old-man-chu58 share a post which he wrote about his day and how he fixed a bicycle headlamp for his son who rides at night with his dog.

In a post shared by @iamjabez, he wrote about his friend who won the 4th position in the just concluded challenge in his community.

The world is a place for everyone. @headies makes her very first post on Hive Blockchain, writes about her hobbies and hopes for better days on Hive Blockchain.

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