Alive Chat September 17, 2023 - Daily Prize Drawing CLOSED For Entries - Today's Topic: Share Your Hive Goals - And Track Your Progress From Last Week

In today's Alive Chat we encourage you to share your Hive Goals and to track your progress on them from last week, this way you are able to see your performance and what you need to focus your energy and time on to reach your targets, and enjoy your Sunday!

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Alive Chat

This is Alive Chat for today, come and hang out with the We Are Alive Tribe, get support and ask any question, and share news and ideas, plus we have a task to engage with each day of the week, see schedule below, and make sure to complete the daily task (Today's Topic just below) to be included in our daily contest.

Today's Topic: Share Your Hive Goals - And Track Your Progress From Last Week

Writing down and tracking your progress on your Hive Goals is something that makes it clear for you what your targets are and it gives you direction in your journey towards them.

And by tracking the progress you make you are able to see if you are on track to reach your goals, and are able to adjust your focus and direction to make sure that you stay on target.

So today's topic and task to complete for the contest is to share your Hive Goals in the comments below, and to track your progress on them, and if you have made a post about your Hive Goals then share your link for an extra ticket, plus will also promote it with 1 ALIVE.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Weekly Schedule

This is the weekly schedule for Alive Chat, and all is to help you be #aliveandthriving, and to create good habits.

The weekly schedule relates to when the post is published.

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Alive Chat Daily Prize Drawing

This is the daily prize drawing for Alive Chat for today, and we have 4 winners each day, and this is the prizes they get.

  • Winner 1 and 2: Each get a 4 week 50 Hive Power delegation from @flaxz
  • Winner 3 and 4: Each get a 4 week 500 Alive Power delegation from @iamalivechalleng
  • All 4 winners get a bonus of 50 Ecency POINTS each, sponsored by @ecency through the help of @melinda010100, plus from what we earn on our Hive Community account.
  • @sagarkothari88 is also sending out 0.05 HP in prizes to each of the winners!

To get 1 ticket for the daily drawing you need to.

  1. Make a meaningful comment below.
  2. Complete the task in today's topic.
  3. For 1 bonus ticket (double chance to win), make a post about todays topic in the We Are Alive Tribe, and share the link in your comment below, plus if you complete this then will promote your post with 1 ALIVE.

Once this post is closed for new entries then we will edit the title from OPEN to CLOSED.

Here is all participants for today with valid entries.


The gif below shows the prize drawing and the winners.

  1. @alovely088
  2. @amakauz
  3. @jmis101
  4. @wandrnrose7

Prize payout.

Screenshot from HiveHub

Screenshot from Tribaldex

Screenshot from Ecency

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Alive Tipping Bot

Minimum ALIVE Power to use our tipping bot is 1000 AP (owned non-delegated stake plus incoming delegations) which allows you to send 10 tips per day, and we have 4 levels.

  • Level 1: 1k AP = 10 tips per day
  • Level 2: 5k AP = 20 tips per day
  • Level 3: 20k AP = 30 tips per day
  • Level 4: 100k AP = 40 tips per day

Use command !ALIVE in a comment to send a tip, and do make sure to add a space just before and after to make sure it works correctly, the counter resets at midnight UTC.

Here is the full details of how our tipping bot works, Announcement: The New ALIVE Tipping Bot Has Been Launched

We Are Alive Tribe

The We Are Alive Tribe is located on and the ALIVE token on Hive-engine is our native rewards token, it uses a linear rewards curve and splits the rewards 50/50 between authors/curators.

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The total ALIVE rewards pool is also decreasing with 5% per year from the previous year.

The 4 Points Of #aliveandthriving

  • The first point is mandatory, then use one or more of the rest, share your journey to thrive in life.

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Team Alive

IMG_20220202_194629_copy_200x200.jpg@flaxzAlive Chat Admin ūüźą - 20220221_162951_0000.png
001_192x192_copy_200x200.jpg@edgerikAlive Chat Co-Host ūüŹ° - 20220221_163551_0000.png
IMG_20220221_162236_copy_200x200.png@ironshieldAlive Chat Co-Host ūüõ°ÔłŹ - 20220221_163927_0000.png
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Newly promoted posts on We Are Alive And Social

Listed according to how much ALIVE was burned to promote them, and tribe accounts are listed in (parentheses) as they do not get any tickets for our weekly burning contest.

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16@ctpsb1We sold our larynx tokens to push our CTPSB holdings
17@olamummy1IAAC DAY #45
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21@gurseerat1Not feeling well, IAAC - 768
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23@yeckingo11Wrestling Organization Online giveaway ~ 370
24@entraide.rewards1Distribution ECU du 17 Septembre 2023.

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Thank You!

Thanks for reading the post and please enjoy chatting with the We Are Alive Tribe below, and ...

Stay safe, awesome and alive.

Alive Chat

Written by @flaxz

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