!IAAC. Freezing 🥶 windy

Okay hi how are you doing I have 50% on my device right now I have to do the same chords of charge two devices and anyway so it's really cold here today our pipes froze in our sink and bathtub but not in our bathroom sink which is great the landlord didn't tell us anything about turning the water on till a couple hours ago and this happened last night. so it's hard to see it and it's not on a video but there's that big giant tree back way behind there that's waving really hard in the wind. And leaning to my left a lot right now it doesn't have any ice on it but when it does it could fall down but it won't fall on those that's what happened here we have a lot of trees fall during the winter or extreme cold
Syncing is slow from devices on picture like days

He doing dishes by hand. Got buckets of water in bathroom unless we need them

Lily enjoy new toys. Christmas like

Buddy sleeping box they came in

Anyway have an safe holidays
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