Serving and Protecting, Deer....

Here is your tax dollars hard at work. An article about the government sending it stooges around to test deer for the new variant...2,836 dead babies recorded on the VAERS reporting in the past year and yet we are testing deer.

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Our daily Quote:
"The samples were collected between Nov. 6 and 8 through a big game registration station in southern Quebec. The deer showed no clinical signs of the disease and were all apparently healthy, said Environment and Climate Change Canada.
The most recent research shows COVID-19 remains primarily a disease spread from human to human and the risk of transmission from deer to humans in Canada is considered low."


Not that any logic or sense matters...the deer must put on a mask and make sure to stay away from we can see by the cop restraining this deer.
So grateful that they are serving and protecting us from the infectious deer.


Edicts are Not laws.
Universal law trumps all laws of all lands from all persons.
You gain freedom when you realize you must consent to be ruled over.

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