Dear Bambie you are infected now.

I came across an article that talked about deer being infected with covaids.
I found it really worth reading and memeing on. So i loaded a full banana clip of memes in the mind and ill provide some quotes and a image or two to make someone laugh as i did when reading the government propaganda now coming out of the commi mill press.

A post with the full text of the article--->@marshmellowman/oh-dear-the-deer-are
Read the article here: (likely will get scrubbed)
www dot

Our daily Quote:
"The COVID-19 virus was found in three white-tailed deer from the Estrie region of Quebec. It's the first time the virus has been detected in Canadian wildlife. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson. While B.C. scientists wait for results from samples looking for the COVID-19 virus in deer and other wildlife species, the virus has been confirmed in white-tailed deer in Quebec, Environment and Climate Change Canada said Wednesday. This is the first time the virus has been detected in Canadian wildlife."


The first time that deer were probably tested for covidiots...with the same false positive cycle threshold turned up to the twenty trillion cycle...basically finding Gold in the Deer...So yes, they test deer now. And they repeat the line over...the first time detected. wow, Science-ISM is growing strong with this article.

I am so glad we can let people freeze to death on the streets and yet have resources to test deer for something they do care to have.
...masks on is coming.

Edicts are Not laws.
Universal law trumps all laws of all lands from all persons.
You gain freedom when you realize you must consent to be ruled over.

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