The ongoing tyrannical response to Covid makes no sense!

It's ridiculous how ridiculous it's getting here in Canada. Now everybody except babies and preschoolers has to be masked indoors, and some unvaccinated Canadians are losing the right to marry! Health passports are being jammed through despite major pushback from the public, and millions of trained professionals are being fired or forced to quit for refusing the injections! Much of the Western world is going "Clown World" at the same time. What we'll look like in just 6 months is impossible to predict. Anything could happen at this point.

Here's my summary of the rampant pro-vaccine logic being shoved down our throats:

"It's an experiment, give us a break! But we're not violating medical ethics, because it's NOT an experiment!" It's enough to make you drive you bonkers. Perhaps that's the intention.

It's Over!

Even by official, inflated numbers, this pandemic is over. It was over along ago! But it's definitely finally fading away, with global death figures down to levels not seen since beginning a year and a half ago.

Today, CBC was talking about how unscientific, confused, and fearful "the unvaxxed" are. I left a comment saying maybe if you stopped censoring us, and let us discuss both sides of the issue, it would go a long way to reassure us. But deleting any viewpoint or question that doesn't fit your narrative makes us more skeptical, not less. My comment was deleted, and I was banned for "misinformation".

Hang on tight, things aren't getting any normal-er anytime soon.


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