Canada community dPOLL #1 results

Its great to have a place for Canadians to post, just about Canada stuff.
As long as everyone has something to share, I am glad to see you here.
What should we post here? I have a few ideas of my own.

If you are Canadian then join The Canada Community !!


We had 8 responses on the dPOLL And some comments also.

What Tags should we use in the Canada community?

#canada , #hive-154369 , and include your province if you like.
#alberta for me but we can create content for all of the provinces.

Let's talk about #cuisine , #venues , #cities , and even #canadians
I might post about #history and #canadianhistory or #thisdayincanadianhistory

[1770 painting by Anglo-American artist Benjamin West depicting the death of British General James Wolfe during the 1759 Battle of Quebec of the Seven Years' War.]

Please suggest some other #tags in the comments!

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