Hive: The Official Web3 Social Media for Humanity's Independence Day

Hive: The Official Web3 Social Media for Humanity's Independence Day

Suppose today's social media existed in 1996; today's platforms, yesterday's celebrities, influencers, and zeitgeist.

Then we discover satellites hovering over countless cities and other key locations.

News of these developments dominates all social media. The major platforms focus on surface-level news. Lesser platforms provide more in-depth news and even a warning or two.

It's fun and games for the major platforms until key structures worldwide are pulverized into rubble. Blown to bits as well are a few data centers across the world, along with the major social media platforms reliant on them.

Before the world ended, a social media platform had sent an Emissary for a planned meeting with The President. An unexpected meeting with both a cable TV tech and a Marine Corps pilot took precedent.

The President wanted to inform the rest of the world of plans to go on offense for a change. Just as things looked bleak, the Emissary of the decentralized social media platform Hive met with The President to explain the reason for the meeting.

Along with other surviving media, The President used Hive to reach volunteers for the largest aerial combat force ever assembled in the history of humanity.

You know the rest of the story.

Cover image made using HTML and CSS, with light edits made using MS Paint.

Concept Behind This Ad

Hive had to fight for its independence, and on 2020-March-20 it succeeded when it made its Hard Fork from Steem. Success after the Hard Fork was not assured, but failure for not making the Hard Fork was.

Because of this new beginning, I call 2020-March-20 Hive-D4, in honor of the 1996 summer blockbuster movie Independence Day (ID4).

So what if Hive had existed in the 1996 world of ID4?

Another Marketing Tool for Hive?

This post is an initial attempt to explore this concept as a marketing tool to land a big-time social media influencer.

Given the theme of survival, this influencer could be someone who has had to fight to survive in the online world. The influencer could also be someone who had to rise from the ashes of cancellation, and there are many in this category these days.

The fight to survive was strong in ID4, and it was strong for Hive on Hive-D4, and it is strong among many social media influencers who had faced digital annihilation.

Possible Modifications

I won't even pretend to say the graphics are good. If anyone out there wants to take a crack at making a suitable cover image for this post, have at it!

Regarding the text, I tried to keep it as short as possible while integrating Hive within the context established by ID4. It was meant as an ad, so I tried keeping things brief but memorable.

At the same time, I wanted to make the ad as generic as possible so as not to stumble over any legal speed bumps.

This may not be the best edition of any potential Hive/ID4 ads, but it's the first. If anyone else has other ideas based on this concept, feel free to share them in the comments or notify @magnacarta when a separate post is published.

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