Are You Passionate About Hive Marketing, Social Media Campaigns or Outreach? Join the Hive Marketing Community!


I've been searching for a Hive Marketing community but never found one, so here it is!

"Hive Marketing'= a dedicated group of people who create social media campaigns for the Hive blockchain. Any dApp, any project, any community built on Hive is a potential campaign, geared towards growing our user base.

If you're passionate about marketing, branding, social media campaigns, or outreach, Hive needs you! As a decentralized community, it's actually more difficult to make really impactful campaigns that reach thousands of new people, but we can do it if we work together. So if you want to help make Hive the best and most popular decentralized social media that exists, join us!

Even if you're not a SEO guru or a branding wizard, we will need every person on Hive to help make these social campaigns trend on Twitter, Facebook and other mainstream sites.

Our future Hivers are sitting on Web 2.0 sites, so this group is focused on creating campaigns to reach these people who are not yet on Hive, and who may not have ever touched crypto before. If anything we learned in the past months is that a tribe, when working together, can accomplish great things. Just look what happened when we put our minds and energy to Twitter.....we can do this again and again, with new campaigns, too.

If you have a great idea and need some other people to make your idea come to life, this is a group for you too. Because we are decentralized, it means that we sometimes will need to form smaller work groups to get things done, and if there are many different kinds of people in here, we all will be more effective, which in turn will make Hive more successful.

So, if you know a SEO expert, a marketing person or anyone passionate about spreading the word about Hive, ask them join Hive Marketing.

I'll need help with moderators too, so please let me know if you're interested in being a mod in this group by commenting below your desire to do this. Also, it would be good to know your skills and experience with marketing.

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