Beautiful Sunday: Autumn flowers


We have an early, cold, rainy and windy autumn this year. Yesterday there was a real storm on the Gulf of Finland, trees were broken by the strong winds, waves came ashore, and the low-lying coastal areas were flooded. Had it not been for the protective levee built earlier this millennium, the city would have had one of the devastating floods.

The waves were so high that a few young people even decided it was a great day for windsurfing. I saw a video online and was so surprised by this use of bad weather that I found out the temperature of the water in the Gulf of Finland on a special website: +5.8 °C.

But when the sun looks out, autumn pleases us with bright colors, creates a festive cheerful mood. Flowers in flowerbeds and lawns persistently continue to bloom, they have already survived too hot and dry summer, and now steadfastly resist the rains and cold.





The previous photos look like early autumn, so I decided to add another picture, it shows the outbuilding of the Bobrinsky Palace and the Bobrinsky Garden. You can see that almost all the leaves are gone from the trees.


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