Moringa stenopetala blossom

Wow! It's great, dear Denise, that you came up with such a community.

Flowers are always beauty, mood, brightness of the holiday, inspiration. We love to photograph flowers (yes, I know: we are not original, because who does not like this 😁).

My country Israel is full of beautiful flowers. This makes our life rich in aromas and various colors. I love flowering trees just as much. In the south of Israel, on the coast of the Dead Sea, in the garden yesterday, I saw for the first time how the Moringa tree blooms.

Delicate yellow flowers collected in inflorescences. Subtle pleasant aroma. I wanted to take a closer picture, but the tree was tall and it was very inconvenient to take pictures. This is the tree.

Here's what I managed to take a close-up photo:

Very gentle, right? The flowers look beautiful against the dark green foliage of the Moringa. This is Moringa stenopetala

I have met the name of this tree many times and only now I was able to see it with my own eyes. The bonus was that right now is the period of its flowering.

The leaves and flowers of this tree are edible, and the seeds even contain aromatic oil, which is used in cooking and cosmetology. I know this tree as something that is used in folk medicine in the form of tea for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

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