Globa Amaranth is commonly known as Makhmali (मखमली) in Nepali. The flower carries great religious importance to the Nepalese people. The flower signifies endless love, good and healthy life. So, Hindu people in Nepal have the tradition of wearing the garlands made from this flower to their brothers in the festival of Bhai Tika. Bhai Tika is the fifth and the last day of Tihar (Tyohar in Hindi). During the month of this festival, especially during November, you can see the streets of Kathmandu filled with this flowers. Street vendors make earning by selling the garlands. As demands is so high due to the festival, its sad to see that millions of these flowers get exported from India to meet the demand. During the 19th century, even this flower weren't found in India. These flowers are native to Central America but can be found globally today. The color of this flower is velvet although some referred to it as pink. Chinese people have the tradition of using this as a recipe for tea.

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