Finally there are flowers in my Passion flower plant !


I am overjoyed. The fact that we finally have flowers in our Passion flower plant in the garden is so great. The fact that it took a long time was almost the reason to remove the plant and put it in another place in the garden. But we do have them in the plant against the wood panel between us and the neighbours.


The delicate flower and the spiral tangles that I carefully put on the wood to grow up against the whole panel. I would love the fact that we have a Passion flower wall. But that I think won’t happen. It’s a deluxe one to have and not very cheap aswell.


The combination of the purple and green is so nice and so distinguished for this plant and I don’t know of any others that are like this.




It’s my finger in the picture, my garden and my passion flower plant. Photos are taken with my phone. I normally use the app @picture-this for information about the plants and the care they need but for some reason the pictures are not in my folder so a screenshot I will add later when it does.
If you don’t know the app just try it out.


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