Being part of the newbie iniitative in the Hive Learners community has been one of the best things to happen to me on the Hive blockchain, I couldn't appreciate more the wonderful team behind the Hive Learner community and the brains behind the Newbie Initiative Programme.

For this task two of the Newbie Initiative Programme, I will be using a variety of markdown styles to answer the following questions:

  • How has been your experience with Hive since you joined?
  • What are your thoughts on Plagiarising and vote begging?
  • What are your thoughts on post recycling?
  • How helpful has this post been to you in understanding Markdowns?

Without furtherado, let's dive right in!

My Experience on Hive since I joined

Honestly, aside from the occasional misunderstanding of how the system works, Hive has really been an exciting place to be in.

It is a social media platform with more substance to it. It is a place where people make heartfelt comments and try as much as they possibly can to be nice and articulate.

Hive is a nice place to be in.
Since I found Hive, my Facebook app has been collecting dust.

Being on the Hive blockchain is like working for a nice organization, there is constructive feedback on your efforts, prospect of growth, and good remuneration for work well done.

My main issue with Hive is that it makes me sit a lot, and as @bruno-kema has noted, we need to be more physically active.

Hive blogging should be a full-time career, as I've found that it's not playing nice with my current job, both of them are trying to gain my attention, and Hive is just always winning.

What could be better than that?
Maybe, more Hive!

Thoughts on Plagiarism & Vote-begging

Let me start by saying that, Plagiarism is a crime to humanity. Yea, it is that serious.

In a Proof of Brain system like Hive, in which one is rewarded based on their cognitive input into the Hive blockchain, earning rewards without working for it by just copying and pasting other authors' work or without due referencing/acknowledgement is stealing and disciplinary actions should not be withheld.

Y'all know how hard it is to write and come up with something pleasing to the eyes and heart-throbbing, just imagine someone else stole your hard work! Let's all say no to plagiarism.

ā˜…å½” šŸ‡»ā€ŒšŸ‡“ā€ŒšŸ‡¹ā€ŒšŸ‡Ŗā€Œ šŸ‡§ā€ŒšŸ‡Ŗā€ŒšŸ‡¬ā€ŒšŸ‡¬ā€ŒšŸ‡®ā€ŒšŸ‡³ā€ŒšŸ‡¬ā€Œ å½”ā˜…
Vote begging is an anti-curation act. To really understand the consequences of vote-begging, one needs to understand the curation process.

Curation is basically an individual's judgement of the worth of your work. If he/she feels its nice, you receive an upvote, if he/she feels otherwise, to be kind, he or she may refrain from voting at all, or if its too bad, you receive a downvote. After all, āž¶āž¶āž¶āž¶āž¶ į“€ į“ į“į“›į“‡ ÉŖs į“€ į“ į“į“›į“‡, į“”Źœį“‡į“›Źœį“‡Ź€ į“œį“˜ į“Ź€ į“…į“į“”É“! āž·āž·āž·āž·āž·.

Hive works on attraction, if your content is attractive enough to the next reader, you are sure to receive a vote. And Hive also works with time, the more presence one gains on the blockchain will equate to the number of votes a person receives on the chain.

Content Recycling

Content recycling is a practice that is constantly frowned upon. If found, it could lead to severe disciplinary measures.

However, it could be done better. I am sure there is no harm in providing an update to existing content, or trying to provide additional insight based on further understanding of content shared maybe sometime in the past.

However, in a case where content is recycled verbatim, a case of self-plagiarism can be called against you, and that is obviously a sheer lack of creativity on your part. Self-plagiarism carries the same consequence as plagiarism in itself.

How helpful the Hive and Markdown Guidelines have Been

While I was already fairly proficient in the use of markdowns, thanks to Steemit. This video has broadened my knowledge of it and has exposed me to more markdown styles that I knew earlier.

A very good example of this is the <br> markdown command which is used to place line breaks without having to break a stream of markdowns already applied to a line of text. This has really been a lifesaver for me.

Normally, I would apply multiple guidelines to texts as a result of breaking down texts using the enter command on my keyboard, but thanks to the <br> command, I am now better than ever.


The Hive Guidelines and Markdowns task has helped me to up my blogging game. If these guidelines are well implemented, one cannot tell whether I am a #newbie or #oldbie by just looking at my posts. Thanks to the HL team for their unrelenting efforts to make us better.

Finally, list of markdowns applied

Header 2CentralizePull left/rightShow markdown
TableEmbed link to textDividerFont generator
Text resizeQuoteBulletsText Justify
ItalicsText boldingand more

Mentions: Thanks to @Starstrings01 | @theycallmedan | @aliento team who are all working behind the curtains to make the #newbie initiative programme a success.

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