Newbies Initiative Task 1 - My Hive Goals For the Next 3 Months


One of the most important things in life is having a clear direction (in essence, establishing a clear destination). Among other things that need to be done to achieve this, setting SMART goals cannot be overemphasized.


The Questionable Narrative

It is easier to believe that our lives have been predestined from the beginning and that whatever pathway we are taking currently is leading us to our ultimate destiny (this is a contentious subject). While this is a quick route to laxity and may work for some, for most people, we need to be intentional about each and every step. So, setting goals cannot be left out of our lives.

Goals are like a map that we use in navigating different stages of life. We can definitely go places without a map, but it may be difficult to arrive at the desired destination without one.

So, at this stage of life, with a subset of it being a Hive blogger, here are my goals, and the pathway through which I hope to actualize them.



Using the five (5) pillars of goal setting (SMART) as a guide, here are my goals for the course of the 3-months newbie initiative programme and how I hope to achieve them. These goals are presented thematically starting with Post-related goals, goals related to Hive Power, followers, comments & engagements onboarding and my ultimate Hive blockchain exploration goal.

Post-related goals

36 posts by the end of the programmeNumber of published posts (3 posts weekly)Follow up on communities to produce content relevant to the community theme, and never to skip on the HL weekly featured contentsReaching this goal is critical to my growth on the Hive blockchain, in fact, most other goals may hinge upon the successful completion of this goal3 months

Hive Power (HP) - related goals

Achieve 50 HP by the end of the programme4.2 HP WeeklyReach posting goals and actively engage in communities both off and on-chainHP is the measure of one's worth and relevance on the Hive blockchain, while I am forever grateful to @Starstrings for his delegations, I am like a weaning child and should eventually progress towards more independence3 months

Follower - related goals

12 additional followers by the end of the programme2 followers per weekReally engage with other users off and on the block through comments, following, reblogging and voting, hoping to achieve organic followingBuilding my following is crucial to building myself an audience and an owned media space3 months

Comment and Engagements

Make 168 comments by the end of the programme2 Comments Daily in HL communityComment and support at least two posts from the HL community every dayGivers never lack! So, instead of just taking, I want to give back to the HL community and Hive at large by contributing to its activities; supporting, commenting, voting and reblogging will be a regular feature of my engagement efforts3 months

Hive Onboarding Goals

Introduce at least 3 new persons to Hive1 active user per monthConvince others as to why Hive is a safe spaceBring in potential newbies for the next badge of the newbie initiative programme3 months ​

Hive Exploration Goals

Identify all Hive front endsNumber and identity of all frontends on HiveUtilze available resources like Hive Dapps along with personal researchI just believe there is more under the hood on the Hive blockchain and treasures can be dug out3 months ​

Likely Challenges



In life, challenges are normal, and one's ability to overcome them sheer display of strength. Here are some challenges I envisage to come in terms with on the pathway to achieving my goals and how I hope to work around them.

TimeLike every other young person today, time is not always sufficient. With a lot to attend to, it seems its difficult to add more to an already busy scheduleTime is only available when we create it. So, I hope to incorporate my plans to my personal schedule (maybe shake things up a little), and cut time spent on some non-essential activities.
Feeling of invisibilityHonestly, sometimes, it feels like I am invisible here, especially when I do not get as much attention as I hoped for (don't judge me! We all like attention.)Change the feeling of invisibility to the feeling of invincibility my being hard to ignore through active engagements.


I surely hope we will be presented with a task that requires us to backtrack on these goals and see how well we have done. I cannot wait to juxtapose my achievements in the next three months to these goals I have set for myself today.

Thanks to the HL team (@aliento for your ideation, @projectmamabg for the badge & @starstrings01 for your unfailing support; as well as others not mentioned but working behind the scenes) for this @newbies-hive initiative. And if you made it to this point, thanks for reading through. I am Chukwudi Ofurum (@zestimony)
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