Losing Access To My Cypto Account | The Scaring Thing Ever

At times I use to think that there is nothing scary than fear itself because someone once told me "fear only fear" but to be honest, there are things more scary than fear, even in this life, fear live and walk among humans. In this life one thing am really scared of is losing access to my crypto account or keys, If that every happen I cant imagine what I will do or the damage it will cause. My crypto journey started around 2017 and it was from scratch, zero capital and all it requires was my time and effort to gather things up. Before I knew what crypto was or if there is a great opportunity out there to earn for free with little or no capital, I will really deny it.


Back then working offline wasnt easy and the pay was so little (I was earning 15000 naira monthly) so i engage in online Multilevel marking business inviting others to join and I earn through my referral, It wasnt easy and I was in debt because others cant refer and they need their capital back but when I learnt about Steemit (Now Hive.blog) things change but the fear also set in, I wasnt a writer and I need to learn how to become one. Made mistake in the beginning and lost my first account because I wasnt careful but since I starting using my account from way back, I started building up and also reinvest my earning into hive games and also on other blockchain.

Where The Real Fear Is

There is this popular saying in the crypto world "Not Your Key, Not Your Crypto" and we all know what this is if you are 100% into crypto. Having your crypto keys is very important to avoid stories that touches the heart, once you dont have access to your keys, their is high probability you might lose access to such account mostly to scammers. There are times crypto scam was really rampant, scammers hacking into different top exchanges after finding a loop hole and get away with lot of funds belonging to crypto users. Even having your own personal wallet isn't safe also especially if your phrase or mnemonic keys aren't well secure.


A friend of mine once stole my trust wallet keys, It was a surprising and shocking moment because I didnt know he will every do such and really betray my trust in him, I actually introduce him to the crypto opportunities but he was really lazy to do anything and always want quick money because he want to enjoy life and be a baller. I once open my wallet in front of him, and I think he saw some of my funds there, came behind my back and stole my keys without me knowing, went home and transfer my funds to his account but didnt know every transactions made in crypto are always transparent and can be traced.

I was really lucky because I do check my trust wallet most times, but when I checked it, it was empty, I thought it was a glitch and I recheck but it was the same, I quickly check bscscan site and right there I figured my fund was stolen. The fear that gripped me, I couldnt cry and I dont know what to do, I check where the fund was transferred to, I knew it cant be the work of an outsider because I rarely click on external link, Something just told me someone that have access to me or know me really do me bad, I copied the address it was sent to, Paste it on whatsap to see if I have the address in my wallet, and right there I saw it, I saw the address that received my stolen fund and guess what, it was that friend of mine. I was so angry that I went straight to his house, confronted him but he deny, so i met his mum and report the incident to her, she was confused but called him to explain himself.

He deny as usual but I requested for him phone, he was reluctant but you know the mother's power and some thunderous slap that do rest the brain, He confess and brought out his phone, we check and luckily for me, I saw the fund because he is yet to sell it and I transfer it back. I wasn't happy with him and I unfriend him immediately and stop talking to him. Normally he beg and say the normal sentence that it is the devil hand work but the harm is done already, and I had to stay away from him completely till I left the neighbourhood. It was a scary moment I never pray for such again.

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