Depression | Only If There Is A Cure To It

When it come to diseases (of any type), it is one thing we never pray for or always finding means to prevent, even till today, I always wish any form of disease isn't in existence. Till now, when I hear of hospital or if someone invite me there, am always scared to my bone, I still remembered the last time I had to take someone who is suffering from chicken pox to the hospital, the pain, the look and reaction is one thing I wont forget even the fear that comes with it because I was scared for weeks and always checking myself incase I have any pimps coming out of my body because it is one of the thing I never pray for.

If I have the opportunity to provide cure to just one disease, I will be choosing depression. This is one medical condition that affects everyone, it affect your mood and prevent you from functioning and it has no cure. No matter how hard we try to prevent every diseases from occurring, we find it hard to prevent this one because it act on your mood/emotions. I have been depressed many things and I really don't like that state because it always render me helpless and one major thing that do cause it in this part of my world is lack of money. They use to say Money answers everything, when you are financially capable, you will find yourself happier, even you will find it had to be sad.

“Money does not buy you happiness, but lack of money certainly buys you misery.” Daniel Kahneman.

Apart from lack of money, our fear or thought can make us depressed, we humans go through lot of unspeakable things that most times we find it really hard to share with others and this things can keep eating us up yet we always find it hard to share with others yet we keep covering it up with fake smile. it might be hard but we should learn to talk to someone. Only if there is a cure to depression, things might be way easier to solve, the amount of people that commit suicide daily, yearly will be greatly reduced. Only if there is a Cure To Depression

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