My Proudest Achievement and Three Years of Struggle

Greetings everyone! I hope you will be well and good and will be enjoying the nature which always attracts and gives relaxation and peace of mind.

Dear hivians I'll tell you about my proudest achievements which have made me feel proud. It has seriously made me prominent in my family, in my friend and in other fellows.

What is Achievement?


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We often listen about the word achievement, we are often talking about the achievements. We listen from different people about their achievements that they have achieved.

Basically achievement comes out from the word achieve that is a verb and it means to get and then achievement is a noun and it means that the thing for which you were struggling to get you have gotten. So I think now the definition of achievement has become clear to everyone as I have tried to explain in my own simple words.

Explanation With Example


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Let suppose that you want to get an apple and then you start struggling to get that apple. You collect money then you go around at the place from where you can buy apple. So after reaching the destination you will buy and now you have apple in your hand. So you have achieved what you were wanting. And it is your achievement. I think now it is more clear and every person can understand.

I have tried to explain the term because we often listen to this term so I decided to explain it first now I am moving forward to the main topic.

My Proudest Achievement

Everyone in this world is struggling all the time to achieve something to accomplish their goals in the form of achievements. So I have also achieved something which I consider that is the most amazing thing so far in my life.

Life is the name of change and in future I'll achieve more great things ☺️ Insha Allah. So without wasting time and making the post long listen to me about my achievement.

I wanted to become independent and meanwhile I wanted to support my family as well. And it was a great challenge for me. I was listening about the achievements of different people and it was making me more and more desperate to achieve something which will make me independent and will make me able to support my family.

How I Achieved?

As for every achievement a lot of struggle is required so I started struggling day and night. I was in the 8th class when I started trying different things. I was fond of making money online so I started my journey. It was my fortune that I had a laptop of my brother and it was in my approach. And I started using it day and night 🥹. Firstly I did YouTube and Google to find some legit ways of earning.

Admob & AdSense

So after researching I started making my own application using different modules. I tried thunkable, appybuilder at that time. I took some free source applications and did some changes in them using the above modules. And then I made my admobe account and put the Ad Units in those applications and then I sent those applications to my bbrothers andfriends. So that they can use it and I can make money.

So I was earning $100 per day and I was very happy, after the completion of the pin threshold I was sent a pin from AdSense so that I could verify my address.

So I received the pin and I was seriously happy and it was an untold happiness. I was thinking that now my life will be changed completely and I'll become independent and will be able to support my family as well.

But it happened bad, after entering the pin when the address was verified my account got suspended because of self-clicking reasons. Someone teased me by clicking on the ads continuously and it halted everything.


Then I thought about making my own website but I was less of an investment so I made a blog using blogger a free service offered by Google. So I started publishing different articles. But it was also of no use because I didn't have any experience. So I stopped blogging then.

Content Writing

Then I started finding different ways where I could put my articles and could monetize them directly. So I started writing on different websites and was earning money and now I was feeling that I had the potential to do something.

Crypto Trading

Then I started crypto trading and in the start I was unable to trade correctly. I always do spot trading. And then I was able to make a huge profit in the form of crypto and I earned it as a content writer. Still I am doing trading and I hope that it will again give me huge profit by the grace of God.

My Proudest Achievement as My Success

So finally it took me almost 3 years to get my achievement. I know the duration is really too much but believe me during this time I listened to different bad things that I'll never get anything. I am just wasting my time. Even some of my teachers were also taunting me because you are wasting your time, just focus on your studies. But despite these all I continued with the hope. Believe many times I was about to weep because I was not getting anything good as I was doing. But alhamdulillah for everything that finally I was able to get my success in that achievement.

My achievement seriously made me able to support myself, I became independent. I helped my family, my brothers, as well as my cousin's, and friends too. I made them able to earn by themselves. I invested a lot of time in getting that thing but I helped them, I helped those guys who did criticism on me.

But time changed and I was the king of the time and then they were appreciating me and were saying you did well. We were wrong.

More is coming


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I want to tell you that it is not my lifetime achievement but so far it is the best and proudest achievement of mine. I have set my goals higher now and I'll be able to achieve them soon. My stop is always top, it is my sayings. I want to see myself always at the top.


I just want to conclude that always stick to your goals in order to get your achievements. As you can read my story. I know it may not be impressive but it can make you to realize that if you want to achieve you have to treat yourself with continuous rules and regulations.

Best Of Luck!

Yours: @uop

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