My Fearfiles 👹🧌

Hey dudes! I hope all will be wonderful and enjoying precious health and the nature who attracts everyone always in different aspects of their interest. Today I am going to explain and will try to tell you completely about my greatest fear of life as well as I'll also add some of my phobias which I often face in my daily routines and daily life.


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Life is a FearFile

Fears are everywhere and everyone is facing different fears of life and encountering those fears and proceeding his way. Life is itself has become a fearfile. This fearfile includes all types of fears such rising prices fear, bad economic conditions fear, unexpected happenings, and horrifying fears, and different phobias. Life is itself a great fear as we don't know when and and what point is will end, we don't expect anything that when life will go away.



And nowadays everyone is in stress and fear due to severe inflation rate and poor economic conditions. It is just looking like that the world is ending because everyday new surprising things are emerging. People are fearful for their food as well and it is the biggest fear of the whole universe. The poverty is a fear which cannot be denied at any level. The people are dying due to lack of resources.

So I think now you have gotten my point which I wanted to explain about the fearfiles of life. And I am sure that everyone is suffering in these fearfiles.

My Greatest Fear Of Life

Life is a home of fears and everyone is in the circle of these fears. So let me tell you about my greatest fear of life. I am a young teenage boy and the greatest fear of my life is my future.



I am too much curious and conscious about my future. You know it is dream for everyone to become successful person and to live all the life happily with comforts. Similarly I also want to live my life luxuriously.

I belong to a poor family and I am always in a fear that will my future be successful? Will I be able to give luxury life to my family? Will I be able to give comfort, calm, and peace to my parents? Will I be able to do something unique that will become my identity throughout the world? I want that my parents should feel proud on myself. And you people have to believe in this that I am always in the stress and fear that when and how will it become possible to achieve my these goals, desires and ambitions?

I always see myself helpless in this regard and it increases my fear about my future. Because successful future is the goal of everyone and everyone is struggling to make his future bright, convenient, and linear. Everyone desires to have a reliable and amazing future with the availability of all the authentic and sweet things.

I am also fearful due to these circumstances be ayse I also want to achieve the goal of my successful future. I want to become an influential businessman as I am willing to run my own business. I want to earn huge money so that I can run and build my business fully. I want to launch my own products, factories, and projects which will provide benefits to humanity and on the other hand my goal will be accomplished automatically.

As I see different people who are successful and achieving their goals and becoming more successful, strong, and wealthy. Just like those people I also want to be a billionaire and these are the few reasons that I am fearful and my fear is my successful future.

My Collaborations To Overcome My Fear

It is a well-known thing that everyone tries to protect himself and and play his role to make his way convenient, luxury, and sweet. And you know people always try to overcome their fears and try to find ways to get rid of those fears. Similarly, I am also trying to overcome my fears and my insecurities.



I am student and still just focusing on my studies as I believe that Allah will help me through this way and I'll be able to utilize my studies to earn handsome livelihood.

I have planned something for myself to save my future and I hope it will work. I have decided to overcome my this greatest fear that after the completion of degree I'll join a software house and then after making money I'll make my own software house. As side by side I am trying my best to learn skills as well. I am learning web development, android development and passionate to learn different programming languages.

Then meanwhile I am doing content writing here to meet my a few expenditures and I am working as a freelancer at fiverr and doing content writing there. I am also passionate about the cryptocurrencies and the crypto universe. I am a trader and a investor of the crypto currency. As I have invested some money in this dip and hoping to see profit from this money.

I am too much curious too see those successful days when this fear will be vanished and I'll be able to love freely without this fear and stress.

My Different Phobias

As it is a common thing that many people have different phobias in their life. I am also one of them as I also have different phobias. I have water diving and electricity phobias.



I have phobia about the electricity. I am too much sensitive in case of electricity. I didn't have this phobia from my birth, but when I was a child I had a electric shock at my fingers and after that I fell in this fear of being shocked. Now after that happening I feel fear even turning on the switches and plugging in the switches. Mostly when my hands are even little wet. I firstly dry them and the touch the wires but fearfully.

I have another phobia of being drowned in the water. As I don't know how to swim so I avoid taking bath in the big pools and canals. Even my friends make my fun that I cannot dive into the pools. I feel that if I will dive into the water I'll be drowned and will face severe problems. Even I feel that I'll not be able to take breathes and I'll die. So it is my another phobia of being drowned. But rather than this phobia I can dive in the small pools 🤣 and can easily take shower with my friends.


Life is itself a big challenge and fear to everyone and it is obvious that everyone has its own fears and insecurities. But they should not be worried about their fears but work hard and try to resolve their fears by overwhelming those fears. So be strong and always try your best to vanish and wipe out your fears and insecurities. And in this way you can easily make your life convenient and can become a hero of yourself and the apple of eyes of the world.

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