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Difficult Roads Lead To Success

Hello everyone I hope you will be well and will be enjoying good health.

Discipline is the most inevitable thing in our lives. Without discipline nothing is successful. From all the successful people of the world we learn a lesson of discipline as discipline is the common character of all successful people.


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The person who is not disciplined cannot do all the work correctly and at times. And in this way he loses most of his work and the time ends. The biggest example and a common example of the discipline is that if we are not disciplined and we are unable to manage our time to participate in the contest by the hivelearners then the time will go out and you would not be able to participate in the contest.

So self discipline is the character which should be in every person. And we cannot deny its importance. When I was in school, I didn't know anything about discipline correctly. I went to school late almost daily. I was out of discipline at that time. And sometimes I lost my first lectures because of going late to the school.

I want to tell you that the most important thing is to do work at the given time, It is not the only thing which is counted in the discipline. But discipline had its scope in each field of life. Your proper dressing, your way of talking, and your behaviour, these all things are counted in the discipline.

So from the day first I am not completely indisciplined, I was not punctual but in other ways I was fully disciplined. I gave respect to others, especially my parents and my teachers. I didn't tell a lie and always tried my best to speak the truth even in childhood. My behaviour with my fellows was quite good. And I did the study with full concentration which is another form of the discipline. But going to school late is my worst habit which spoil my remaining discipline.

But now the next phase of my life started, I entered the college which was far from my house almost 14 kilometres and I had to go there daily basis via bike. So in the beginnings I was going at time but after a few days I was going late as I went to my school. So they gave me warnings to not come late. But on the other day I again went to college late, but this time they didn't allow me to enter the class and they remained me out of class for the first lecture. So I missed my lecture. Then I had to practice and exercise to make myself disciplined and to reach college at time. So from now I was making many alarms and I was rising up early in the morning, but still unfortunately sometimes I was late but not much. I was reaching the college only one or two minutes late. And then my father started waking me up strictly and forcefully so after this practice and exercise for a few days I became punctual.

But still I was not completely disciplined, indeed I was now disciplined regarding the clock. But in the school we had to wear tie on daily basis. And we were directed to out our shirts inside the pant all the time. But I was not wearing the tie regularly, and in college I was doing the same. But they did fine me in college and complaint to my father that I am not following the rules. So after that I started wearing tie all the time regularly.

The most harsh thing which happened to me once because of going late to the institution. I was in hurry and my friend was driving the bike at great speed. But unfortunately he lost his control over the bike and we slipped and fell down on the road and scratches at our knees, arms occured. After that my father and other people advised me and taught me strictly that I should always start my journey by having almost half hour from the exact time.

So in this way I became completely punctual and disciplined and now I am go to university on a daily basis and I cover almost 60 kilometers to reach university via the local transport. But I reached the university at time.

Yours: @uop

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