Yayy! Leo gonna wed🙈

I was bit nervous.I didn’t know that time will flow so early that by attending marriages of others ,there will come a day too when i will be going to wear flower garlands. Facing too much criticism and annoyances ,finally I persuaded all of mines to let me marry simply and sparing all their pomps for rest of their princes.

And now i was hoping that drama which galvanised when discourse to marry me took inception, will end now .And i will be let to enjoy my ceremony with peace.When i was surrounded by all these thoughts ,suddenly a voice from outside came saying, “ Usman you are not bride,why are you getting so late” and i just immediately put on blazer and came out of my room.

My mother was waiting for me outside with Sehra in her hand . I didn’t even want that formality as well but delightness in her eyes made me not say a word even as already i might have delisted most of her desires regarding my marriage.

Finally , i got into the car and we all started our way to her house(although i asked for a destination wedding in any desert to make us promise to each other how much harsh conditions are..we will be together but I wasn’t allowed)

Who is her? Obviously my bride buds😂
Looking into i was thinking how she will be feeling now?
She might have dreamt her prince to pounce upon her on horse but i am coming in car? Will she be upset?
Is it right decision to marry?
Will i be leading same jocular life even after marriage? How it will be like taking care of another family as well?
What she might be expecting from me as a husband.????

I was sedimented in Atlantic of thoughts unless i was told that boy we have reached. I didn’t expect to reach so early. With a shilly shally heart , i stepped out .

Soon there was a time to say “Qabool hai” thrice. I wanted to say those words looking into eyes of my queen . I wanted to listen exact same words by her myself but being member of a conservative society I wasn’t let to do so . She was yet away from me . This may seem bit weird to you but it is.

As per culture ,packets comprising ajwa ,almonds and pan masalah were distributed among guests of both sides. Despite my refusal ,a brunch was arranged as it was against repu of my father in law not to do so

Completely all the religious and judicial formalities now i was having a legal spouse that is gonna be my soulmate and life partner.And she was brought before me attired in dark red bride dress with eyes looking on ground and walking along with some crutches(her friends 😅) that moment it felt like rings of temple are belling….cold breeze is blowing…world has been silenced…..it’s just she and me🔥😂❤️

Now there was time to take her to her home. I grasped her hand although this might have felt too bold and wrong to many orthodoxs but I didn’t care and made her way to car. I didn’t let anyone else sit in my car and we both talking to each other finally made us to home.That’s how my wedding day ended.

10 years passed like an impulse and i was yet craving for me queen beside having chunu and munu( my sons) and hadhira rana and izna rana ( my daughters) from her. Hadhira being youngest of all was grasping attention of all and i was remembering the day when we two( me and my wife ) met first. All this time was nothing less than a miracle for me.

**Note: i am not married yet , this is just a fictional marriage story. Actually it was topic by hivelearners but I didn’t make it on time.

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