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This has been the longest time I have stayed away from online activities, I just had to prioritize my exams over other things, let's say it hasn't been easy but I thank God for the grace and strength he gave me to finish this semester well, and though it seems like I wouldn't have been able to scale through, here I am today with an excited heart. I have missed you guys a lot.😁who missed me?


I haven't thought of what I will be doing this season, I don't know if it will be a normal day, but I know there will be Christmas chicken and rice 😜 Okay on a more serious note what I had planned on doing initially this season was to take my kids and myself out to treat ourselves to some ice-cream and some delicious pastries, hmmm, but I happened to check my calendar and there it's stated that 25th of this month falls on a Sunday, well that means a change of plans, first thing first we go worship our maker and then come back home to prepare something nice that will be shared to our neighbors it's just a way of sharing love and making people know that you are in good terms with them and you are loving the way they are your neighbor. That's it for this Sunday.

I and my sister have been meaning to visit a cousin of ours who lives on the island, but we have been postponing the visit cause of our exams and also because of the high cost of transportation, I think we should visit her after Xmas celebration.

Also, I plan to visit a friend of mine who I know will so much enjoy my company, this morning I sent her a message about when I should visit her, though she is yet to give a response, I know she might say I should come around on the new year, cause her parents usually host new year parties where there will be a lot of food and drinks, so that also will be on my list of happenings for the season

Since my parent's place isn't so far from my place, I know I will be visiting there also and I know there will be a lot to be done no doubt, it's always fun when one gathers as a family to celebrate the season, there are always a lot of amazing memories shared and kept on this period, though I don't have a way of treating my kids out anymore, I believe in miracles. Well, there's nothing God cannot do before then, hmmm, 😍 I think this period will surely be a fun one 😘😘.

We know Christmas is a great season of sharing, so I will implore us all to spread love where necessary, many need to know there are being loved, and I intend to spend my time spreading love the way I can. There sure will be a lot of hearts being touched by the act of spreading the love this season.

This is my entry to the hive learners contest week 41 edition 2

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