W39E1 Contest - Why I Quit ?

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Hi Everyone !

In this post, I am back to take part in the Contest Week 39 Edition 1 held by the Hive Learners Community.

The theme of the contest this time is "I Quit". And that experience happened to myself a few years ago or more precisely in 2019 when I decided to Quit from a company because there was a problem that befell us at that time, and the problem that occurred at the company was arrears of employee salaries.

It was the first company I worked for after graduating from high school and problems hit us at that time so several people including me decided to quit from the company. At that time, our salaries were in arrears for up to 3 months due to several problems that were befalling the company, so almost all employees did not receive salaries at that time.

The company eventually went bankrupt and was no longer in operation after paying off all of our salaries, and it became an unforgettable experience in my life. And all the employees of the company decided to quit from the company because of the arrears in their salaries at that time.

We all worked to make ends meet for our daily needs at that time, but the company where we worked at that time didn't even pay our salaries for 3 months so that was what made us all angry at that time and decided to Quit from working from that company.

And the bulk Quit that we did at that time bankrupted the company and is no longer operating until now, and has a deterrent effect on company owners so that in the future they are on time in paying their employees' salaries because all employees are also very dependent on the salary they receive.

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Fortunately, not long after we decided to quit from that company, the owner of the company paid all the arrears of his employees' salaries and not long after that, I got information from some of my friends that the company had gone bankrupt.

And I don't regret it at all when I decided to Quit from that company Because not long after I decided to Quit from that company, I got a new job at a bigger company than before so the salary I received at that time was also bigger than the company where we decided to Quit en masse then.

Although it wasn't until 1 year that I worked there, the Corona Virus attacked our country at that time so that the company where i worked cannot operate and finally all employees had their contracts terminated at that time. So that made me have to be unemployed for a long time at that time because finding a job has become increasingly difficult since then.

And the lesson that can be drawn from my experience is that if you experience problems where you work, such as salary arrears or other problems, then don't hesitate to decide to quit from the company where you work.

Because you can be sure that there are still many other companies that will accept you to work there, so don't hesitate to quit from where you work if you experience problems at work because you won't be comfortable if you have to work when there are problems with where you work.

Source : Freepik.com

Maybe that's all I can share in the Contest Week 39 Edition 1 this time, see you in the next edition of the contest post.

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