Handling Late Night

There is this unwritten notion that work can not be finished. Only a section of it is finished on time. This does not really stem from the fact that we can not just overwork ourselves once and for all to finish it all but hindrances still exist. Hence, most people carry over their work to night time perhaps due to fewer distractions, power supply, etc.


As a student - I am still one, and I have not resigned yet 😁– the night time is somewhat of a dichotomy for me. Well, at times, I do more than school work at night time if I have to. But relative to the former, man knows thyself. Personally, I am not really a night person. This is because I love to sleep and I try as much as possible not to deny myself that. Although, the usage of the nighttime is necessary some time for true development.

How do I do it still?

When I am something I have got to do at the night be it reading or downloading movies, I shuttle between doing two things. It is either I stay up to the time when I have scheduled time planned. That means no sleeping till that time. While the other is to tell someone around to wake me up because I really detest disturbing my sleep. That is why I kind of lack the ability to wake up and do things except visit the toilet at night. It is better, for me, to be strictly woken up by another person. I meant strictly because a light tap or a gentle waker would do nothing in waking me up. I may even get up and then go back to sleep.

To Stay Awake…

From the fact that I am no nocturnal being, I believe you can draw some hypothesis that I don’t really need to take something to keep me awake. Well, I have never tried it and I don’t think I look forward to doing that soon. It is either I take up to do things or someone else wakes me.

When my eyes are finally wide open, most times, reading is easier when there is someone around too. Else, I may retire to sleep again. This is why I make sure to make the most of my daytime. I try to make every minute of my day count because doing certain things at night is uncomfortable for me to do. But, you know, you may have to make yourself uncomfortable at times to achieve some things - as I said above.

In as much as, we are enjoined health-wise to take at least or roughly 8 hours of sleep per day, there are times it fluctuates. Some nights could be demanding and you get less. Or as a student, you’d most likely sleep more than usual after you are done with your exams. All in all, sleep is one of the key things that makes us function as a human as it recharges our body per the effective minutes we utilize to sleep.

This is my entry for the Hive Learners week 35 edition 2 topic which you can check out here.

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