Talent Hunt.


Hello and welcome!

A long time ago when I was still a child and I'd go for the talent hunt show organized by my school or other schools around us which we were invited to, I used to wonder what my talent was.

I'd see my mates being good at whatever it is they were doing, be it drawing or dancing or singing or acting even and I kept on wondering what my talent was.

Not that I couldn't do any of those, I could draw quite well and with help of course. That's where the difference came in.

I can't draw straight from my imagination and that was when I knew that drawing wasn't a talent I possessed. I can only draw from something that's already drawn and so I didn't feel like it was a talent especially when I've seen boys and girls my age do better all from their imaginations and they got rewarded for it.

Since drawing wasn't for me, I began to think that maybe singing is actually my talent. I joined the school and church choir and found out that I could actually sing BUT it was not a talent because it didn't come out easily from me.

Unlike others that singing was obviously their talent, I had to practice a lot to perfect my voice and it took a lot from me in terms of stress. My vocal chords were stressed out.

Once again, I took it off my list of talents. Singing isn't my talent.

Dancing was out of the list because I'm a shy person and coming out to dance in public just means torture for me and so I knew that dancing wasn't my talent.

During the time I was trying to figure out what I was extremely good at without having to stress myself, I had already begun writing stories in my numerous story books.

And it all started during a class project where we were asked to write a drama and the best drama would be acted out during the school party and I was elated at the idea.

I didn't realize then that writing that drama took nothing from me and it was picked as the best.

After that I realized that I liked the idea of publishing a book like the novels I read and so I began my journey as a writer.

I'd write and write and share with my friends and the joy they got from my stories was reward in itself.

I didn't start to properly harness my writing skills until I was 17 when I realized that I have the opportunities I need to put my stories out there for all to see and get rewarded too. :)

So, the one thing I didn't have to learn or practice is writing.

It came to me naturally and I find it easy to write unlike drawing or singing.

I draw sometimes, only when I feel like it and that's usually a rare thing. Drawing takes a lot of time and mental energy from me.

Mostly because I want what I'm re-drawing to look exactly like the original and so I have to erase here and there and most times I start all over again.

Sometimes I do wish drawing is something that comes easily to me and though it can be learnt, I'm not interested in learning.

I may get frustrated and give up midway. :)

I write about anything though not everything as I am still exploring how far I can go.

I didn't have to learn to write and it makes me happy whenever I put a story together.

Writing has helped me in so many ways too. Especially the rewards I get whenever I write.

That should be one of the best parts of writing.

Writing has helped boost my self confidence because now I know I have a rare talent and I'm one of those who can build worlds with words.

As a result, I'm always happy that my talent is writing.

I'm still scouting for other hidden talents I might have and I haven't found any yet. Maybe they're waiting for a trigger or something, I don't know. All I know is I have other talents inside me somewhere and I'm excited to figure them out.

Thank you very much for reading. ✍️

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