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Dear my friends

if you are looking for the best places in the 21st century that you can enjoy to your heart's content, then the answer is "Social media", I dare not say that there is still a better place besides sosial media out there.

What makes social media unique? what makes social media even better than school? maybe you have questions like that, well I will tell you that social media deserves the title "best of the best".

If we go to look at the goals of a "social media" developer then we will find the fact that; social media was created to remove boundaries, so the simple language is "world without limits", meaning you can go wherever you want, you can surf a day without worrying about identity, you can learn whatever you want instantly, this is more than good than whatever?

before the existence of social media (web2) the world was still closed, information was manipulated, and many other negative things, but since the existence of social media (web2) everything has changed, it's easier for someone to get to the truth, someone easier to get to know and so on.

In my country (Indonesia) a lot of people get lovers on social media, you may be able to search the internet for information regarding this, and some time ago, some people started building a community on social media that focuses on getting a partner, yeah that's great normal in my opinion, apart from getting a partner I also see some business focused communities.

Social Media On Relationships

about 20 years ago, i only knew about european countries on the map, but i never had a chance to be able to communicate with people living in continent of europe, even if i had their contact (phone number) living in continent europe i couldn't possibly call them because the fees were very high, it was really something heavy for anyone in the past.

however everything has changed, since social media has grown rapidly I can say hi to @acidyo @good-karma @theycallmedan @crypto.piotr and several others with (0), this is one of the positive impacts of social media which is closely related to " Relationship", so social media is a bridge that connects people all over the world.

since social media become mainstream, people get the best in their life, i don't see social media as a negative thing, social media builds a better civilization, social media helps every society to develop, so there is nothing negative about social media.

even so, there are some people who use social media to cheat, as is often the case in Hive, someone shares a scam link via comments, but that will be fine because there are still good people who always warn about the dangers of fraud, thank you very much for @arcange.

so it can be concluded that social media provides more benefits for its users, social media always works well for everyone, so use social media wisely, we can all build a better life through social media, one of which the world will easily know us through social media , maybe if there's no Hive, maybe the name @steemadi you've never heard of, or the name @bruno-kema I've never known, so social media has worked well for us.

How about you ? tell us through your unique post

Thank you very much for visiting my blog & see you in the next post.

Your boy @steemadi

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