My Imaginative Applications: Phone Mic App and Snap and Type App

Welcome to my blog, It's a new day to Imagine, hehehe.

Sometimes I wonder how it will be without programmers who constantly develop Applications to help us enjoy our phone devices and other gadgets... The phone would have been useless honestly.

There are many Applications available for both phone devices and Personal Computers (Laptops) already but then there are these Applications on my mind that I have been yearning for someone to develop.... I'm not a programmer so you obviously wasn't expecting me to be the one that will develop it, lol.

This is actually like an avenue for me to pitch my idea.

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What Applications Do I Have In Mind Exactly?

I actually have two Applications on my mind...

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  • Phone Mic Application

  • Snap and Type Application
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You've ever been disappointed by our portable microphones in a programme or lecture before?

I guess you could attest to how stressful it could be.

As a student, I have encountered this challenge thousands of times... it's either the student with the class's microphone has a little hitch and is running late or the microphone choses to misbehave (battery problem) even after setting up the Public Address System.

Worry no more,

This is where the Phone Mic Application comes in....

This is an app I have in mind that will help us connect our phone devices directly to the Public Address system and use it as the microphone instead of the portable microphones we use...

Our phones are averagely always charged up to a great extent and will save us the issue of running out of battery.

Since everyone can download the Application, it will help save the the monopoly of the microphone handling which leads to wasting time most times when the person with the microphone isn't around as anyone could easily connect to the Public Address System for the lecture to start rather than waiting for a particular person who handles the microphone...

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Nah.. I'm not a lazy student but I don't love stress, I doubt you do also ๐Ÿ˜…

Most times, we see important details on textbooks and might want to type them out, it becomes a whole lot of stress typing them out.

When preparing for lecture slides from various sources using a hardcopy textbook, you literally have to type out the part of the information you want to use also.

This is quite stressful but cry no more...

Snap and Type Application is here for you...

This will help you type the page immediately you snap the exact page, won't it be nice? I heard you say yes๐Ÿ˜…

You don't have to pass through the stress of typing the words out nor going to the Cybercafe to spend money typing out the words not to think of the time it wastes, an app that can type words just from snapping them will really be nice.

I am a student and I was actually tilting my imaginations towards Applications that could help me as a student anyway... You might not find them useful if you're not a student but I bet you, most students can relate.

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There's always a room for addition... just make the first step into developing what's on your mind and you might be astonished as to how many persons will like it.

Never kill your dream๐Ÿ’ช

Thanks for reading through ๐Ÿ‘

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