Happy to be born in this modernized world


us or our fore fathers? I would say our generation is better
In my opinion, during our fore fathers time there where no technology. Even transportation was hard and only a few could afford animals. But nowadays, the new generation has figure out an easy way to make things easier, but first, lets take a look at transportation

During our forefathers reign, there only horses, camels, donkeys and some other animals. Nowadays, the new generation has made new technologies like bikes, cars, planes and trains.

Also, there are other technologies like phones, computers and other communication gadgets. During our forefathers reign, communication was very hard, imagine being lost and you need directions, nowadays we just check our location on our phones and figure out a solution but during our forefathers time, you just keep walking till you get to where there are people and start asking for directions and also what if you dont meet people at all

Also, there are bulbs and rechargeable torch lights in the new generation but during our forefathers time, there were only fire torches and candles to see in the night. Also imagine being in the dark with a fire torch and it goes off. Also if not kept carefully, a fire torch could burn up a house.

Nowadays, scientist have been able to find cures for diseases but during our forefather times, they had no drugs, only herbs and so they dont have the cure for most diseases.


Also, there are technologies that makes house chores easier like vacuum cleaner, dish washer, washing machine and some others. Doing house chores is easier with technology nowadays unlike our fore fathers time, there were no technologies at all, only brooms and it was hard to sweep the floors especially for old people.

There are cameras and video recorders. After snapping or recording memories, they can be remembered when you see or watch them again but during our forefathers time, there were no cameras or video recorders which makes it difficult to recapture a memory. I'd say we have been better than our forefathers.

Away from technologies, the world has been greatly develop. New buildings have been made, schools have been built and so many others. During our fore fathers, their brain could not be put their full potential because of lack of resources . Also during our fore fathers time, only a few natural resources were discovered and put into use but nowadays, many resources were found and put into good use like crude oil was refined into petroleum and so on

Also, in terms of agriculture, our forefathers relied on natural sources but we pushed the boundary and started figuring out others ways by using chemicals and others.

The new generations have made great use of everything that could be possibly put in use so in conclusion, I prefer our generation to our forefathers an also I am glad I was born into this generation and am glad we were able to push our forefathers boundaries and achieve greater things than our forefathers

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