creative sunday- Surreal Giant Viper [Digital Art]

Wow!!! Happy Sunday everyone it's good to be back after more than 21 days of being off hive due to work and more work, I must say. So what have I been doing off Hive in the past 21-23 days? Well, that would be a post for another day but I can assure it was unavoidable. I did try to stay on Hive trust me, tried shuffling some things and doing a crazy amount of hardcore multitasking, but I realized I had to just let go and do things one at a time. Right now, I am somewhat done, not totally done anyways with what was keeping me off Hive so here I am today on another edition of #creative-sunday exhibiting something that would make a lot of people develop goosebumps and probably send a shiver down their spine.

So here we have it, for today's exhibition we have a giant snake in a spooky forest and if you look more closely, you would see it wrapped around a girl and yes of course she is scared, a little bit of sunlight and illumination here and there to move it from the realm of being bland to well being a bit more catchy.

That said, enjoy the exhibition with the process of creation outlined 👇👇

The digital art exhibited above was created in Photoshop from three original images gotten from pixabay and freepiks. here 👇



Image by cookie_studio

Now combining the three images above, we have the result you see below 👇

Process Breakdown

To recreate something similar to what I did above, get the three above images links are under each image then make sure you have photoshop , photoshop cc would do, that what I used, but in subsequent post I would be using the latest version of Photoshop

Once the above is all set, proceed

  • Open photoshop and open the image of the snake in a spooky forest 👇

  • Next thing you do is to make a cut out of the snake alone, here I use the lasso tool which can be selected under the tool tab at the left side of the Photoshop interface

-Make a clean cut out , take your time, and once done, take it out using CTRL X and place it in a new layer

  • Then what you do next is to enlarge it and improve its perspective by going to image adjustment under edit, you might want to use the eraser tool to remove some unwanted elements , as seen below 👇

  • Now what you do next is to make a layer of the forest, this layer must lie under the cut of the snake, after which you blend both images together using the blend tool, then adjusting contrast, brightness, and other image characteristics 👇

  • Once the above is set, open the image of the scared girl and, make a complete cutout of her using the lasso tool and then make it into a layer mask on the image of the snake 👇

  • Gradually reveal the image of the girl, then add some finishing touches and then your final result should be something like this 👇


That would be all on today's edition of #creative-sunday

Thanks for viewing, Sayonara 🖐️

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