My Career Journey

A great topic to share working experience. I am lucky to have splendid work experience till now and hope this would continue my whole life the same way. Although, I started my career very late, at the age of 25. Since, I am the youngest in the family and didn’t have any responsibilities, no one ever asked me to do a job. Even, I get a chance to visit my brothers but didn’t think of starting my career then. I lived 4 years with my father in Egypt but didn’t thought of having a job neither my father told me so.

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It was in 2013 when I got the chance to meet one of my father’s friend and asked him for a suitable job if any as I was fresh that time. He immediately asked me to share the resume and was appointed for interview in a week. It was in a call center of airline. Package was ok for the fresh but what I gained there was much more than money. You can say it works as an institute for me where I learned basic things and etiquette of a workplace.

Worst Job experience

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In 2015, I joined one of the leading bank as a phone banking officer. As per my previous experience, I love helping and resolving issues of the customers in no time and with that same mentality, I started working here. Unfortunately, we have limited authority here and resolving the complaints is not that easy, required assistance of team leaders and managers. None of them is serious or in helping mood. They play ping pong to waste time which irritates me a lot. I did my best to escalate the matters on highest level but useless, no outcome. In addition, office was far away from my home and I have to travel in a crowded public transport which takes more than an hour to reach near office. This can be managed and I did but if your workplace environment is not satisfying and you are not internally happy with what you are doing, survival becomes impossible.

Working in such a place was affecting me mentally and physically both. At home, I was not at all in good mood, looks annoyed, disturbed and aggressive. I still managed to work there and on the other hand, was looking for a better job. Finally, after 8 months, I got a better job opportunity so left this unpleasant job.

Best Job Experience

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In 2016, I became the part of a giant logistic company in Pakistan i.e. TCS. It was like a transfer from one company to other. We were working in a company who was authorized contractor of UPS, suddenly the company dissolved and TCS got the UPS contact. We all were forcefully changed on TCS payroll or will get terminated if deny. However, it was a positive move for my career. I got the opportunity to train a team. Manager used to take my advice before initiating or working on any query. Working environment was awesome. Although, this was also far away from my home but this doesn’t matter as I used to enjoy working here.

My own picture from 2019

I faced ups and downs in my 4 year of time in this company and gained and learned a lot of things which overall makes me a successful person. I was not satisfied with my package due to which I used to work aggressively and fearlessly, fight with managers and top management if there is any issue and resolve in no time. This helped me to become self-oriented and self-motivated. My manager supported me a lot and also worked on me to improve my aggressive attitude. He used to say although you are aggressive for the right thing and betterment of the company but this is not the right way. He supported me financially as well and provided me other opportunities for allowances and incentives.

Currently, where I am is all because of what I gained from here (TCS). I have experienced that if you love and like what you do at job, you will stay happy with family and friends. It’s not all about money, it’s about your passion too.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

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