The-Diary-game-📙11-08-2021-season-3☘️🌴Today has been a frustrating day for me🏖️ 🌹

Hello friends i hope you are all well i am very well today i am going to share with you about how i spent the day today.


Today I came to visit with my friends. Our old school grounds are still the same as before. I was very happy to come here because I saw the beautiful environment outside from the green nature school building all around. I really liked this post because the nature outside is just so wonderful.

Camera: Redmi Not 6 pro


Then I went down to our school field pond because many kinds of fish have been farmed in the pond. Today we will fish from this pond so all my friends came and we saw that the fishes are very big so we all happily caught fish and we caught these fishes at Sir's house. I brought it.

Camera: Redmi Not 6 pro


Since we are in Sirajganj Sadar Hospital Aslam Sirajganj Sadar Hospital water tank is in that previous place. There is a lot of dirt around this water tank in the green grass so here we talked to the administration that it is cleaned.

Camera: Redmi Not 6 pro


In the evening we left for home. In the evening the sky was very beautiful. The surroundings were very beautiful. The atmosphere was secluded. I liked the nature of the evening very much.I really had a great day today because of the green nature and a beautiful moment I have spent today praying for the day to come.

Camera: Redmi Not 6 pro

Specialy🌹🌹🌹 Thanks visiting my post👇


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