Important health tip that is mostly being ignored

Health is wealth, I believe everyone should know this by now but I won't be surprised if I come across people who don't take good care of their health. Many say they don't take good care of their health due to financial reasons and I can't blame them for that but there are a few healthy tips we can engage in that will save us from spending much on health problems.

Recently, my neighbor lost a colleague who didn't pose any symptoms of illness before his sudden death. But after his death, we got to know that he had underlying ailments which he was nonchalant about. This caused his sudden death and this should serve as a reminder to others to always put their health in check. There are some little health tips that we should take good note of but we do ignore and they play a vital role in our body system and healthy living.


Below is the healthy tip that we must all consider as humans, it is so simple, yet it is ignored. Drinking a glass of water every morning before food and eating breakfast. This is a healthy tip I learned from my dad, he isn't a medical practitioner but he takes good note of all the little things we might consider unnecessary. When I was growing I didn't know all these things, he always tried to give me a cup of water every day as I was coming out of bed. When I grew up, I hated it because once I drank the water on an empty stomach, I always had a stomach disorder for a while he said was a good thing that the water would help my metabolism.

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I don't take it as an important thing because I don't want to have a stomach disorder so I don't use to drink water anymore except for days where he caught me and I'm unable to escape. This simple health tip has some advantages for the body which is quite good and what the body deserves. Taking a cup of water every morning before food will:-

  • It will increase body metabolism

  • Balances lymphatic system

  • Increased energy

  • Increases red blood cell counts.

Another health tip that is important but we ignore is eating breakfast. Many might disagree with me on this but, it is very important to eat breakfast. Breakfast isn't the best food to skip, it is much better to skip dinner than breakfast. Eating breakfast has lots of benefits to the body, many may say in this economy where lots of people are eating once a day. Yes, I understand how difficult it might be for some who eat breakfast as brunch but breakfast is an important meal that should be taken.

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  • It improves energy level and ability to concentrate

  • Help with better weight management

  • Reduce risks of diabetes

  • Reduce risks of heart disease.

Taking myself as an example, I've learned not to miss breakfast because any day I do, I'm going to have a persistent headache that might disturb me during the day. This made me always make sure to take little food such as cereal just so my stomach not be empty in the morning and this has helped me a lot. I can say, that these two health tips are being ignored by a great number of people but they are very important for healthy living.

Thanks for your time and your comments will be appreciated.

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