In as much as i hate to accept this fact about myself, shopping is something that changes my mood entirely and i won't lie about this, when it comes to shopping i forget the theory that girls are the only ones that loves shopping the most and at that particular time when i hear let's go shopping, i become a female automatically because i know i am not returning home empty handed.

If there is anything i love in this world other than food, it is still food lol and i think if there anything like a foodie award, i will be amongst the top 100 that will be given a foodie award because of my eating habits..

To be honest with you all, i love and prefer shopping for foodstuffs the most other than clothes shopping because when the stomach is filled, there will be strength to undertake other tasks and that is why i don't joke with my stomach..


I am a well known foodie and i will proudly say about 70 percent of my neighborhood knows me for that while the remaining 30 percent that don't know about me are probably new to the environment..

In summary, that is that about about my shopping style and choice and also a little drive-in into my main topic of the day..

Moving further on the topic; shopping, if i had the chance to shop for free in any supermarket of my choice, which supermarket would i go to and how will i make the best use of the 5 minutes i have???? hmmmmmmm 🤔..



Hmmmmm i can't stop thinking about how my life is going to change within this 5 minutes i have to shop for free in any supermarket of my choice, it is just like a dream come true for me hehehe..

First and foremost, to make my shopping experience wonderful and splendid, i will have to go for a supermarket that sells varieties of stuffs and not just one type alone, the supermarket must be selling home appliances, food stuffs, groceries, toiletries and many more things for my shopping experience to be explicit..

The best supermarket to go to will be SHOPRITE, shoprite is known almost everywhere in my country, to me it is the best supermarket in nigeria and they are also the best when it comes to selling varieties of goods such as home appliances, foodstuffs, beverages, toiletries, gym equipment, toys and many more things all in one place...


i have thought a lot about it and after weighing my options, i realized shopping for foodstuffs alone won't be off much benefit to me and where as it costs less and that means i can leave that for some other time there by focusing my attention on things that would cost me fortune outside this precious 5 minutes...



Imagine running here and there while shopping for foodstuffs and groceries and after 5 minutes you were only able to get goods worth #50,000-#100,000 for free lol when you could have spent over a million naira within that 5 minutes...

i have thought about it and i have concluded that for the next 5 minutes, i will be shopping for only HOME APPLIANCES and nothing else because they are very essential for survival and also very expensive in the real world...

First and foremost, i will shop for a good and portable generator, one that fits my humble abode perfectly well, i will then go for a big smart television, refrigerator, electric blender, air condition, home theater, bicycle, 4 faced cooker and ox standing fan...



These are the goods i will spend my whole 5 minutes shopping for, i will make sure i have one of their sales attendant going round with me for easier shopping and all i will be doing is to point and give her the number of each product i point at, something like; two piece of L.G smart television 53 inches, 3 L.G air condition, 5 ox standing fan and so on...

By the time my 5 minutes will be up, i would have spent nothing less than one million naira on these appliances and then my mission will be accomplished, i might even get extra on depending on how fast i was able to pick...

In summary, after shopping for all these appliances, it will all be delivered to my doorstep and then i can now use my hard earned money to get all the necessary foodstuffs and groceries i will be needing with all the large expenses out of the budget...


In conclusion, it is a different thing to be wise and it is a different thing to be smart and calculative, all this requires speed and smartness and that is why i will be able to walk out with atleast 70 percent of all these appliances before the end of my 5 minutes...

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