Hive Learners Contest "We Shouldn't Be Fooled By Fake News"


Good evening dear friend. Greetings to all of us in the Hive Learners community, hopefully we are still in good condition. Today I have re-read a theme that has been published on the Hive Learners community discord. And there I saw a headline with a fake news theme. This theme is truly extraordinary for us to discuss on this occasion, because it can be an experience for us if we have shared experiences with one another with fake news.

In this modern era, many people who are not known make fake news so that it can harm others. When I was little I could only read the news in the newspaper and could see the news on television. But in this very modern era, news can be in the media on our Smartphones that are widespread and among some of the news some are accurate and some are fake, thanks if we get accurate news or good news. But here I still want to be wary of fake news that has been created by people we don't know.

Indeed, when we see in the media there are a lot of people who share fake news and there are also many people who are their targets and are deceived by them with the fake news they release. I have also been deceived by a fake news when I received a notification on my Smartphone. There it is written that by spending 5000 Rupiah pulses we get 50,000 Rupiah credits, when I saw this news I was interested and wanted to try, even though after I sent 5,000 Rupiah pulses but I did not get anything. So at that time I was deceived and lost, then after that if I got a notification with inaccurate news or news that I never knew then I took the conclusion to consider it fake news. If there is a little faith then I will first ask other people so that I will not be deceived again by fake news.

In rural areas, there may be a lot of people who are new to using social media on smartphones, but there are also many people who don't really understand how to use them so that many of them are deceived by fake news. This is really very sorry for people who have been deceived by fake news and hopefully in the future anyone who makes fake news will be caught by certain parties. There are several social media that I use and there almost every day I see fake accounts that create fake news to share and deceive people. For me, anyone who releases fake news that can divide people or deceive people is really very barbaric.

Maybe that's all I can share tonight, hopefully what I have written can be an experience for us and hopefully we don't fall into the fake news on social media. Stay excited for all of you in activities and take part in contests in the community we love.

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