As we keep growing up, we learn more and more and someone you asked ten years ago “What is your motivation to become successful?” might say something different from another person. We all have different motivations but the same goal, which is to be successful in life. Who wouldn't want a good thing?

If you happen to ask me before now what my motivation is? I would tell you, it's my Aunt who is now living in the US due to her hard work and perseverance to make it and she is doing great with her children overseas as she sends money home to the family.


(That is my Aunt with her children and husband as they came home to see her mom, who is my grandma)

She is focused and goal driven and she will never want a lowlife or lack of ambition person to be around her, instead, she would train you and make you have a high mindset to achieving the best.


But now, ask me what my motivation is, and I will happily tell you “MYSELF”.


In my 28 years of living, I have seen and can differentiate a person without a goal from someone who is taking the biggest steps to make it in life. Of course, the former would live to regret it in future when he doesn't have anything to survive with, while the latter will surely be able to look back to see how far he has gone.

Every day of my life, I keep motivating myself especially when I remember what is ahead of me. I have seen many people who haven't yet known the purpose of their lives and are busy taking strolls to different areas without doing anything and when you ask them what is their goal in life, you wouldn't be surprised for such a person to open his or her mouth and say “I don't even know”.


Let me tell you something; one of the factors that could contribute to being demotivated is your environment.


Yes, if you don't have an inspiring environment where there are purpose-driven people who would strive hard to become successful, it will be difficult to grow and be motivated. Though, if you are determined to be great, then your environment wouldn't define your greatness as you would have seen different people who have ended up becoming a liability and you wouldn't want to be like them. So, the best is to keep to yourself or find somewhere else where you can be more inspired.

Every day when I wake up to see the rays of light, I remind myself of the future and for me not to become a beggar, I should get up to do what I need to do. So, I find books, habits, and activities that could help me keep moving and doing better.

Each day is an opportunity and another chance to know I have somewhere I am going and I don't want to regret my actions, I should motivate myself and always remember that the future will be great if only I do the things I need to do now.


Another thing that motivates me would be my siblings.


Yes, I wouldn't want to fold my hands while they are doing better than me and in the end, I would be asking for a tip from my younger ones when I should be the one taking care of them.

They are the reason I keep going so that they would have someone to lean on if peradventure they need my help. For them to always know that they have a big sister who they can run to and not someone they would hiss at when my name is being mentioned.

In my tribe, if you, as the eldest do not have money or not successful, you don't have a say in your family except those who are rich and are doing great, and that could make you lose respect among the younger ones.

So, they are my motivation to keep going and do my best to be successful in life.

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