The movie that talks about technology and human relationships.


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This edition made me remember those years when my life revolves around movies, most especially Yoruba ones. I watched to the extent that even in my sleep when I hear an actor or actress talking, I quickly recognize them and would give their names too. Growing up, I switched to a little bit of Korean and more Indian, American, and Horror movies that are action based. Any of these genres without action or no scary scenes, I don't watch, except if someone assures me of any that does not relate to action or horror, but at least a bit of psychology can still be manageable for me.

It is over a week now that I have watched a movie and that is because I have been too busy to download one. By the time I would want to watch one to entertain myself with, the night has come and sleep is already calling me to come over. But last night, I decided to watch one, not because of today's edition as I can easily pick any I have watched in the past and talk about it, but because I made up my mind to watch, no matter how huge the tasks that are staring at me are, though I didn't get to watch all last night as I was feeling sleepy but I finished this morning while lazying around the room with nothing in sight to do.

This movie is an interesting one as it teaches a lot of young ones and most especially parents lessons concerning their kids. The movie is titled, "Come Play" and it is a horror movie that was released in the year 2020. It was listed as the number 6 among the top 10 on Netflix and that was what inspired me to watch as I already predicted it would be fun, entertaining, and interesting.


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The movie was directed and written by Jacob Chase. It focuses on a young boy who is autistic and expresses himself through non-verbal communication. His name is Oliver and the only ways he could communicate with people and his parents were with his smartphone and tablet. One night, he was watching Spongebob on his smartphone when he came across a monster named Larry who entered his digital world through a storybook on his phone. Larry was a lonely monster who needed a true friend whom he would bring into the world of other monsters. Larry's target was kids who were lonely, depressed, sad and do not have friends in the physical world.

Oliver never had friends and this was because of an incident between him and the son of his mom's friend whom he gave a punch to his face. Oliver"s mom decided to protect his child and lied to her friend that her son does not need any friend. He started making friends with his smartphone and tablet where he encountered the monster who vowed to end the lives of those who comes in between him and Oliver. His parents were in disbelief at first until Larry started showing signs of his existence. They soon realized that Larry is a malevolent entity that hunts children who do not have friends, who are lonely and always sad, and it was up to them to protect their only son from the ugly monster who refused to leave Oliver alone but make sure to bring him into his own world.

Larry had sinister intentions which were later known to them as he was trying to take away Oliver from them but the family struggled to protect and save their son from danger and harm. I wouldn't want to spoil this movie for whoever is interested in watching it because it is an interesting one.

I picked some things from this movie which I enjoyed and hope all parents could watch this movie too.

The movie is a creepy one that explores how modern technology and digital communication can be a threat to people, mostly kids who aren't allowed to make friends and communicate with people in the physical world but are too focused to play with their digital which could affect so many things. Parents must be careful and mindful of children's reliance on technology and always remember that human communications and relationships are valuable, same with adults too. In the world today, many of us would rather be too engrossed in our digitals and technology and take away the place of human communications and relationships because of the excuse that we are too busy and cannot catch up with them.

Though Oliver couldn't communicate verbally which makes it more challenging for him to connect with others, he found solace with technology which later exposes him to the dangerous monster that threatened his safety and well-being. In other words, parents need to find a balance between technology and human relationship so that one would not affect the other and become a threat later on which could affect such a child.

In conclusion, technology can provide many benefits, but it should not replace the importance of human relationships and connections socially.

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