Do not allow greed make you lose your self worth.

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Three years ago, myself and a friend (let's call her Joy) were admitted into the University. In the course of finding a house, fortunately, we found one so close to the school and it wasn't a problem getting transport fare. We both decided to live together. Just a few days of living together, Joy met a guy who was also a colleague and living in the same compound with us. Seeing how this guy was living a flamboyant (fake life), she got so close to him and his friend immediately and that shocked me because we are just knowing this guy.

Why would Joy stoop so low to start cooking and sleeping in this guy's room all of a sudden? I asked myself this question. Ever since she decided to be cooking for this guy and his friend, wash their clothes, sleeping together all because of the little change she was collecting, she lost her self-worth.
To make it worse, she is two years older than him but her greediness blinded her to start using “Sir” for him.


Why this story and the topic?

Some weeks ago, this guy was trying to ask a friend out and while she was asking him about Joy because she thought something was going on between them. He said something shockingly that I never believed he could utter from his mouth and that was when I knew that she is in trouble already but she hasn't realized it. He said she is already useless and he will continue to make her a slave since she isn't complaining. He said she is not wise at all.

I felt so bad for her because only if she heard what this guy has said about her. Around the area, no one respected her again and she couldn't think about this. I felt so bad because she has allowed this to happen right from the onset, that she has become thrash in the presence of a guy who should be her younger brother.

Till today, when this guy sees me, he knows his boundary and because of this, he respects me for that. Joy has useless herself to the extent that she doesn't rest during the day and night just to satisfy this guy and his friends including the side chicks this guy brings home. I wonder what she came to school to do. This guy is using her but she doesn't know because of the little money she gets from him. Because of this, I had to stop my friendship with her since I already spoke to her about it but wasn't willing to change. Thank God she left my room and took a room opposite the guy's own.


When I saw the weekly second edition, I was excited because this topic is something I want to share with everyone, especially my gender — Female.

A lot is going on around us that we need to learn from them. Thank God for the real experiences I have seen for myself, especially this one. Some girls have lost their self-worth all because of material things from guys and they are not ready to deviate and know their values. They have been made useless because they are lured and deceived.

There was a lady who was used recently by a Yahoo guy and every month when she is doing her monthly period, she sees maggot from her private part. I hope she gets a miracle.

Girls should know what they carry in them and they shouldn't allow greed to destroy that. Joy does not have time to focus on her life and career anymore because each day, she jumps from one task to another till the day ends and it continues the next day. She is a graduate and I do not see it in her.


One thing about greediness is that it doesn't start in a day. This has always happened right from childhood and if it's not cautioned in a child, he or she grows up to become one. This was what happened to Joy, and her parents weren't observant to take it away from her. I hope parents would always monitor their children and stop any bad habits before it's too late. Joy is already thirty years old and I don't think she would change unless she sees her mistake as she is not ready to listen to anyone again.

There are things we should tolerate and not tolerate in our lives because the way we see or carry ourselves, others will see us that way. If you respect yourself, people will respect you.

When they see your greediness and to what extent you can take to get something, they are ready to take your value away from you and make you useless and before you know what is happening, it's already too late.


Ladies, let's try to protect our self-image. Get something meaningful to do with your life and never allow someone to treat you like a thrash. It is a shame when people are treating you like trash when you could have seen yourself as someone worth it. If you are making your own money and living a life of contentment, no one, I mean no guy will take you for granted. It's something you have to earn. I thank God for my life in this aspect.

I hope this story will change our minds today and realize that we are valuable and no one should take us as something else. Also, learn to be content with what you have. Had it been my friend had been contented just like myself, she would get the respect she deserves from the guy and other people.


Thanks for your time on my blog.


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