At the sight of traffic, fresh air disappears.

Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

Traffic is the worst thing I detest when going on a journey. At that moment, everything being said or funny jokes being cracked don't make sense anymore especially when you are so uncomfortable due to having stomach pain or trying to defecate or pee.

Most importantly, going for an important or urgent meeting that has to do with your career or life. One who is experiencing stooling must not try being hooked in traffic because you will hate your decision at that moment.

The fresh air coming in will not have an impact on you again except you release those strangers in your body.

I have had my share of being stuck in traffic. The mantra for being stuck in traffic is that every little move of cars or buses is a progress until you arrive at your destination.

I have two scenarios to share with you as I find them interesting and at the same time unpleasant. For the first one, I wasn't so concerned about myself but the people in the story.

For the first one;

It was during the RCCG (Redeemed Christian Church of God) Holy Ghost congress that was always held in August. This year, I was still with my parent and that was before the death of my mom. I help them to sell slice bread by the roadside very far from our house.

At least we would take a bus from there to our homes which last us 40 mins getting home. So, we close by 9:30 pm and before 10:30 pm, we are home.

On this day, the program was held and there was so much traffic that made the cars and buses stopped moving till it was in night.

It was time for us to go home, we didn't see a bus to take us home, we started trekking (my parents and I) thinking we would get a bus in the front, but till we got home, we trekked which made us get home at 1 am.

On our way home, there was a bus with some people who were carrying food to a wedding event. We saw them listening to music and joyfully serving themselves the food that was supposed to be served at the wedding.

One guy was constantly receiving calls as he kept shouting that they were hooked up in traffic and that they should forget about any wedding because they already started eating the food since they were hungry.

We laughed because it was funny. I pity the couple that day.

For the second one;

The second one has to do with me. Though I have experienced many incidences of being stuck in traffic, this was the one that flashed back to me after reading the topic for this week's edition.

I travelled to Ibadan and while returning to Mowe (Some of us will know this place). I decided to branch Berger first because I sent my younger sister money to help me get a new phone at computer village so our meet-up would be at Berger while I return to Mowe.

When our bus got to Ibafo which is after Mowe when you are going to Lagos, that was where the traffic began. At first, the bus was moving and I was so happy because I was almost approaching Berger.

My sister already got there and was getting angry. I kept pleading for her to understand it wasn't my fault but the traffic.

The traffic I thought wouldn't last long took us 3 hours and a few minutes in between Ibafo and Berger. During that time, I couldn't breathe anymore. Even the fresh air cease to flow in from outside, the heat was unbearable.

There was a baby beside me. Her mother kept using her scarf to blow air into her but she was so uncomfortable. The heat was pinching her which I felt for her.

If as an adult like I, could feel the inconvenience, what should I say about the little girl? No one could come outside because the driver locked the door and it was as if the bus was moving little by little and no one wanted to step out so it doesn't end up making everyone rush inside again.

I knew my sister was pissed, but she had no choice but to understand my situation then. When I got to Berger, I saw my beautiful sister's eyes turn red as she had been on her legs standing for those hours because she couldn't get a place to sit.

I had to compensate her with some money while I collected my phone and turned back and continued the journey.

Thank God while going, the road was free, or else, I might suffocate and faint that day. I got home feeling so tired that I couldn't take my shower but sleep.

It was one of the worst experiences being stuck in traffic for me that day.

Thanks for your time.


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