A true story of how she was transformed from being almost a thug.

This story I am about to share with you have a big impact on my life because anytime I remember this experience, I would be grateful to God because it was what made me leave my parent and stayed with my aunt where the transformation began in my life till this moment. I wouldn't stop appreciating God for who I am today because my Aunt had her own quota in shaping my life to an extent before things went wild along the way.


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Life is indeed a journey and as we keep going, we have to learn many lessons and experiences so we can have something to hold onto.


Right after secondary school, I grew wings that I just wanted to satisfy my desires without minding what my parents want for me. I was acting big girl without nothing. Then, I didn't know they were after the best for me but because of how selfish I was to myself, I thought they were being harsh and because of that, I became so stubborn and disobedient. It got to a point, my dad had to wonder if he married a second wife because I acted as one to my mom. We never had some silence in that home especially when my mom crossed my path. I am always a humble child to every parent outside but was the opposite at home. I was a stone-headed girl as I did whatsoever I wished to.

Though, I fear my Dad to an extent but for my mom? There is nothing she can do even though, I still pity her sometimes because that woman did a lot for us, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind to understand that.


We have always been warned never to move close to any guy but the smart Princess would always have her way secretly while I bribed the last born of the house never to say anything to my parents. I became the girlfriend of the boss of the thug around our shop and because of this, whenever the junior thugs see me, they hail and call me Iyawo skalolo, meaning skalolo's wife. That was a nickname given to my thug boyfriend. Everyone respected this guy in the whole area and they accord the same respect to me too.

There was a day my mom seized my phone from me. This has always been a custom of my parents. Whenever I did something bad, they seize my phone, just because they bought it for me. They will give me back when I pretended to be a good girl for a few hours. We were both smart but my smartness was to commit something bad and not in the right way especially not being smart in my studies. This was what affected my grade when I was in school as I got an F parallel in all my subjects in WAEC.

They seized my phone this day and that got me angry and went to meet my boyfriend where he was. I explained everything to him and immediately, he ordered one of his boys to give me a phone. It was a new phone and I was so happy. Many times, he would go to an eatery to get me meat pie and ice cream, I enjoyed myself with him during that period.

I collected the phone, thanked him and went back to my mom's shop. I have been hiding this phone from them until one day, my mom saw it and asked who gave me the phone, I didn't say anything. She got upset and snatched the phone from me. As soon as she snatched it from me, I began monitoring her so I could collect what belongs to me. She was attending to a customer and when I saw she was being carried away talking to the customer, I snatched her bag, removed my phone and threw the bag on the chair and ran away.

I ran to my boyfriend who took me with him to his house. I never knew what I was doing at that moment and didn't realize I was toying with my future. My dad travelled that day which was on a Friday which I can still remember today. I didn't return home until Sunday evening when my brother who knew where I was came to inform me.


My mom narrated everything to my Dad. Though she was blamed for not taking care of me and the other siblings well. I returned home feeling guilty. The beating I got from my dad that night reset my brain for a while because I still made up my mind about doing the worst had it been my dad didn't take the step of calling his younger sister and explained all to her. My aunt asked if he could bring me to Ibadan the next day.

The next day came. I took my bath and didn't know that was the last day I would live with them and the last day I would set my eyes on my sweet thug boyfriend. My dad didn't say anything to me but secretly took a few of my clothes, took me to the bus stop and forcefully carried me inside the bus and I landed in another state.

That day changed everything about me completely and I came to realize how foolish I have been for associating with a guy whose future wasn't clear. I could have been his wife and suffered forever if not for the action my dad took immediately that day.


Till today, if anyone calls me Skalolo's wife, I get angry and warn them never to call me that again because then, I didn't know what I was doing. Now, I am a changed person who is opportune to live a life of grace and being on Hive has really helped me today. I still miss my mom today because I owe that woman a lot. Though she couldn't control us, she and my dad tried their best to give us the best but I was just not contented and wanted more than my age.

Thanks for your time on my blog.


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