What works for me? Talent or hardwork

A talent they say is what you can do even without learning from anyone but hard work is working hard to earn.

I have met people who have earned from talent but not everyone has the privilege to earn through their talent. There are a lot of talented people who haven't earned with their talent and some will never do.

Hard work they say pays a lot but not all hard work pays because if that is true there shouldn't be poor people in the world. Some people are working hard but earning very low while some are making use of their talent and earning big, I believe all is attached to the opportunity opened to us.

I can say that both work for me because as for talent I have so many and my handwork is one of them because even before I choose to learn I can plait hair for someone neatly and the fact that am not lazy when it comes to working helped me a lot while I was learning work.

I remember my seniors at work asking me if I don't get tired after working the whole day during the festive period when I was learning and I replied to her that I can't pay money to learn and still be lazy with it.

The girl smiled and said thank God she is still very small. She wants to be very hardworking like me when she grows up, one thing about hard work is that if you do not do it, no one will query you but in the future, you might regret not working hard when you have the power to do it.

I remember when I was working in the factory there was a girl which whom we always go home together, this girl didn't always come to work every day so I asked her why and she said that her boyfriend is rich and she was just working for the sake of leaving the house.

That day I felt bad for her future because no one can predict tomorrow not to talk about the future, how can someone be like that? Being lazy because your partner has money is terrible, what if the table of life turns and he doesn't have it again, how will she cope with it?

I tried my best to talk sense into her but she won't listen since am a workaholic to her, one day she decided to leave our stressful work to enjoy her boyfriend's money. Two months after she left, they broke up I don't know what went wrong between them and she never told me as well because I have warned her not to depend on her boyfriend but she didn't listen to me.

She came back to the factory and this time she doesn't have a choice but to work even at that she was still lazy missing work anyhow she wants, some weeks later she told me that the guy broke up with her because of another girl so now she wants to be serious with her life and work hard to earn instead of waiting for someone that will disappoint her later in the future.

What am happy about was that she regained her senses before it was too late. Anyone that fails to work hard will end up regretting it, my mom always says that there is no food for a lazy man.

You can't be lazy and expect a bright future than people that work so hard even though you are a multitalented person.

What works for me

Well even though I have plenty of talent I still choose hard work because that talent won't take me anywhere if am lazy about it, it is only hard work that can boost talent.

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