Nothing much to plan for the season


The festive season is always a very big deal for me before I started working because the joy of having all my sisters and brothers at home is one thing that gives me joy about Christmas.

The season is naturally a fun moment because aside from seeing all my siblings at once, I get to make money from all my elder siblings including my uncles and aunties.

I am always happy once it is December 1st because I can't imagine myself not going home to see all the celebrations that will happen in the village, one of my elder brothers loves going out so he is the one that always makes it more fun.

I remembered one year like that, he took us out to eat in the eatery and I played in their playing ground because we are still small. When we got to the eatery entrance, my junior sister removed her fancy slippers and walked into the eatery barefooted, funny right? That's how some people behave when they haven't visited a very beautiful place like that before.

It was the security that called us back that our junior sister left her beautiful slippers at the entrance, we couldn't stop laughing throughout the outing.

Another thing that happened that day was that when we finish eating I told my brother that the ice cream plastic is too cute to be left on the table as trash and that I want to take it home which makes them at me too.

Am sure you are still laughing at a bush girl like me and my sister, don't mind us. We don't usually go out because my mom doesn't want us to be too exposed to life since we are girls.

When I started working as a salary earner, the festive season doesn't freak me at all because I will be at work unless my off day falls on Christmas day that is when you will see me at home celebrating with my sister that am living with.

Even when I was learning work I don't get to travel home for the season not to talk of celebrating it with anyone, am always at work because this season is when you see hairdressers working so hard.

Now that I am I boss of my own, I can't travel either because I have a lot of work to do in the shop.
This is my work season so I can't do much concerning the festive season until the celebration is over then I will now take a rest and celebrate everything together in my house or travel to greet my mom and just have a wonderful time with her.

Though I have gotten foodstuffs already but I can't be chance to cook throughout the season, my article for the rest of the year might be coming in late too because I will be very busy from tomorrow.

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