Rules The Heart ❤of Everyone- Matar Paneer (Cottage Cheese with Green Peas)

Hello hiveans ! Hope all are in good health and happy.

Today is sunday and I came up with a new recipe for creative sunday. I am sharing a recipe of Matar Paneer with you all.
Everyone is aware of Indian cottage cheese i.e paneer.
Paneer specially in North Indian cuisine are unbeatable. For every event, wedding occasions or parties, Paneer is a very popular dish. It is creamier and delicious dish which you cannot resist having this dish. It is flavorful and the aroma of spices are very good that your heart will go nommm nommmm...🤭🤭

This is vegetarian dish wich goes well with fresh Naan /rotis.

So Today In my lunch I made Matar Paneer with Naan. Its little heavy dish so I made this in afternoon only so that we can drink enough water to cosume.

So lets start how to make this recipe-

Serving 4


For Naan

All purpose flour-2 cup
Salt- to the taste
Water- as needed for dough.

For curry

Peas-1 cup(fresh)
Garlics-7 pods
Bay leaf-1
Oil/butter-3 tbspn
Green chili-2
Cashew-6 -7
Cinnamon stick-2
Red chili powder-½tspn
Turmeric powder-½tspn
Salt-to the taste
Kasuri Meethi-for garnish.
Garam masala-½tspn
Coriander leaves-for garnish


For Naan

1.In a bowl take all purpose flour and yogurt

2.add salt, sugar and mix it

3.add little water as needed and knead a soft dough.

4.cover and keep aside.

For curry a bowl boil peas.

6.take paneer.

7.cut the paneer in cubes.

8.heat butter in a pan and add garlic cloves.

9.stir fry it.

10.then add onion slices.

11.add green chilies and tomatoes.

12.add cashews.

13.cook it for 10 mins and off the flame. Cool it. add the mixture in a mixer grinder.

15.take yougurt.

16.add the yougurt in grinder and make a smooth paste.

17.heat oil or butter in a kadhai or pan.

18.add bay leaf, cinamon stick and turmeric powder.

19.add clove and cardamon. add the tomato onion mixture.

21.stir it.

22.cook it for 10 mins by stirring occasionally. add boiled peas. Cook for 10 mins in low flame.

24.further add little water.

25.stir it and add crushed kasuri meethi in-between the palm and mix it.

26.Now add paneer cubes and cook for another 5 mins.

27.mix it properly.

28.finally add coriander leaves and garam masala.

29.transfer the curry in a bowl and keep aside.

For Naan

Take a dough and sprinkle some flour.

Roll it out in oval shape. If you want can put nigella seeds but I avoided it this time.

Smear some water in one side of the naan.

Now Heat a skillet. Sprinkle some water on tawa to check the skillet if it is ready. The water should sizzle.

And place the water side naan on tawa or skillet.

Now we can see the naan has bubbles.

Now Turn the tawa to the flames shown in the pic. Keep 2 inch away from the flames to cook the naan from top. Dont worry the naan will not fall off becaue it is stick to the tawa by water.

So we have to use iron skillet. Donot use non stick skillet

As you can see the Naan is brown in color and cooked well.

Once the Naan is cooked well. Remove it from the tawa.

From back also it is cooked if not then we can directly put tje Naan in flame and cook it.

Now spread butter. Naan is ready to have garam garam!

transfer the Naan in a serving plate with Matar Paneer ki sabzi-

Its looking so delicious and mouth watering! What you think guys?

Do share your thoughts and try out this super 👌tasty meal in your house which is made by love. I made this with my full heart😉😉

All the photos and content are mine.
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