weather fact

It felt a little cold after coming from the office yesterday, because the weather conditions have not been very good since yesterday. It's been raining all the time, which makes me feel quite bored and I didn't go to the office on purpose today. So I'm trying to spend time at home like myself.


I don't have much time to read the newspaper, but I woke up this morning and tried to read the newspaper. Then I was at home for a long time, around noon I told my beloved wife, let's play chess. And since chess has not been played for a long time, I sat down with some food while playing chess. Because playing chess requires a lot of thought, it will be good to eat sometimes.

I can't say how much my beloved wife can play chess. But he is trying, I really like those who try. That's exactly what happened to me, but at least we got ready to play chess and it was raining outside. Since there is no work pressure, we are having a fairly good time and I think this time is very enjoyable for us because it is raining outside and we are playing chess inside, it is an enchanting environment.In fact, with today's weather, our plans are in perfect harmony. However, I wish that such a time would come to us from time to time.

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